I'm Also Rewatching MMPR Season One While Watching Abaranger... SO WHAT?!

As a Super Sentai fan, I am annoyed at the whole Super Sentai/Power Rangers war which I hate to admit it, my thinking with my heart instead of my head made me write the disaster SS vs. PR fic (which I'll use as a time machine from time to time to see my mistakes to avoid them from reaching my other planned fics).  On the other hand, I'm going to say I am rewatching MMPR.  Does that make me a traitor to Super Sentai fandom?  Absolutely not!

So I'll admit a thing or two.  I like Zyuranger better than MMPR Season One.  For me, it's much better writing-wise and overall.  There's no questions asked for a Super Sentai fan (but not a die-hard one) that I like Super Sentai more than Power Rangers.  I like Zyuranger better as the superior show.  But does that mean I cannot like Power Rangers?  No, no and no.  Maybe right now I'm neutral on the franchise thanks to Mr. Krabs' current status but, I can still go against its unfair hatred.  I know a lot of Toei is superior over Saban but still... it's best to keep an open mind.  Let's just face it, Toei is ultimately responsible for Power Rangers!

On the other hand, I had an enjoyable trip with Abaranger.  I would admit I really don't like Dino Thunder thanks to an overused Tommy, Connor, Cassidy and Devin.  Okay I didn't like the episode where the Dino Thunder called "Lost and Found in Translation" namely Connor is THE REASON.  Obnoxious, loudmouthed... the actor could have been better acting as Mikoto's counterpart instead.  I know Connor called it a good show... but the poor writing was just my issue.  Still, I can't deny that the show actually showed the cultural differences between Super Sentai and Power Rangers.  If it were mocking Sentai, Toei would have revoked Disney's rights that time.  But no, it showed some cultural differences we need to understand.  The whole episode was NOT MOCKING SENTAI even if it was poorly written!

I would admit that Power Rangers Megaforce had wrecked my very being.  In one way or another, MMPR Season One has better acting and writing than the trash that is PR Mega-Fail and even if I prefer Super Sentai better, I still have a soft spot for Power Rangers.  After rewatching some Gokaiger and Shinkenger, I don't find anything wrong if I rewatch MMPR Season One to remedy the hangover.  So, go ahead purists, get mad but... you are just wasting your time.