What Valentine's Days Meant For Me and My Former Fling!

I always thought it was unusual how my former fling had a short-term obsession with me. I mean she knew I courted both my former girlfriend and my former girlfriend's friend at the same time. I wonder if she was really in for a dangerous game when she pursued me back as a teenager. I always thought it was a dangerous game between me and her. Nothing was really healthy about the attraction especially when I'll dare say, although she was air-headed but it didn't mean she was totally air-headed. She knew her physical assets very well which could have resulted in an affair.

How would I describe that relationship in the past? I would call it a dangerous game. You can compare it to Batman and Poison Ivy. I would even compare her to Poison Ivy because of her physical attributes and her inner character. She's pretty as a daisy but watch out man she's crazy. She's Poison Ivy minus the literal poison. However she could poison my mind with her appeal and during the time we actually kissed in secret. Immaturity and hormones started to act up flaring things a lot. I practically got head over heels with her while hiding my desire for her from my folks. At the same time, we seldom had an affair whenever I felt bad about life. The game got dangerous every Valentine's Day for at least four years straight... while I had chased after other girls, she was in my long list.

Valentine's Day for me and her was a rendezvous of trying to keep a secret relationship. I gave her some chocolates and flowers (while other girls were also involved). Then it came, she already talked about me and her being married for real. I soon thought about that she even asked me to marry her when we became adults. I thought about it that we were both minors that time when she also mentioned about marriage. Not long after, I would tell her that it was too early to talk about marriage which I ditched her. I didn't think she was serious then again, neither was I. I'm just glad me and her don't have any unwanted child together.

On the fourth year of the affair, I was soon in love with another geeky girl who I considered to be "really hot" when she was "not". In a way, I soon had a difficult courtship with the "campus queen" that, she seldom came to intervene. In a way, I had become her "boyfriend" and "enemy" at the same time. The kiss she left me in our first year still seared into my head and two, she stated again that I was meant to marry her. Later on, she dropped the whole idea of me and her getting married. I'm just glad me and her aren't married considering it was just foolish talk.