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Recalling My Painful Teenage Courtship.. But Not My Ex-Girlfriend!

If there was some girl I really got so crazy about (as a teenager) was not my ex-girlfriend but some girl I thought was so hot when she was not. I could start to write about it to maybe, at least, let go of some steam because my ex-girlfriend reminded me I am free to find another. In my case, I even wonder if I truly loved my painful teenage courtship or not. But here goes... which I would admit she was two years my junior and I really was enamored with her. I thought she was really pretty (then again, it's relative) but it was a result of underexposure. Right now, I can't even bear to look at her or to even entertain her.

Everything that happened wasn't so easy. What I can recall was that she was known for her brains. Boys wanted her because there weren't much choices. I painfully wanted her for selfish reasons. I fell in love with her at... first slap. I considered her a challenge to get because she was one of the top students in school. Perhaps I was attracted to h…

My Thoughts on Victoria Justice Shedding Her Nickelodeon Girl Image

Well Victoria Justice already graduated as a Nickelodeon girl and when I heard she will star in an adult series called "Eye Candy", I was thinking about everything I liked about her as a Nickelodeon girl.  I remembered her good looks, charm, natural acting... she really just deserved her big break.  Ont he other hand, it's nice to see her keep her natural charm as a person even if she's no longer a Nickelodeon girl.  She started off with Disney and later ended up with Nickelodeon.
Looking at this video, I really love how natural she is in this interview.  She talks about how she's gone from a Nickelodeon girl into acting in a more adult series.  I just love the idea of suspense, her character stuck in a dangerous maze... I hope she comes out victorious (pun intended).  I would admit she's pretty natural one way or another... and so what if Victorious Season 4 got cancelled?
On the other hand, what daring role will Victoria Justice do next?  I just can't …

Finding A Woman With Belle's Personality

I could easily overlook Belle's beauty for her inner character.  Somehow, there are other prettier Disney princesses but something about Belle magnifies beyond her good looks.  It's the fact she's portrayed as a geeky, nerdy girl who loves reading.  She is also a very kind person and she won't fall for the likes of Gaston.  Although my only complaint is her lack of glasses... although it's possible she's a near sighted person.  So how did that affect me?

Remembering the time I played Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, my ideal bride was Mary.  She's the librarian and daughter of the gardener Basil.  So Mary dresses up like Belle and actually, she's quite pretty without her glasses.  So pretty much, Mary in Harvest Moon is a girl whose nose is pretty much stuck in a book.  In my case, I soon started to think of looking for girls who were bookworms.  I always thought about it that it's hard to find a bookworm these days.

I always thought that I used to se…

Why Jailing Anti-Pinoy Singaporeans is A Good Move!

I know it's not easy to be heckled by the likes of Edz Ello, but apparently a lot of Singaporeans are already gone overboard so they should be jailed.  Knowing Singapore is a racially open country, it's just about time that those who want to get rid of Pinoys in general aren't helping the situation.  I know the Philippines needs to fix some things then so does Singapore.  Yes getting rid of Edz Ello was a proper action but to punish every Pinoy for his fault is stupid.  Only Pinoys who don't do their jobs properly should be removed while every straight and proper Pinoy should be allowed to keep their jobs.

Also it must be remidned that Edz Ello DOES NOT represent the whole Pinoy race.  Certainly he can be considered a microcosm of what's wrong with MOST but remember NOT ALL Pinoys are like this guy.  Some Pinoys are well-to-do and have not chosen the path of the Failipino.  Instead, they are the enlightened Pinoys who continue to fight for a better Philippines.

With Her Nose Stuck In a Book!

I always thought why I was even attracted to that girl who looks like Haruka Suenaga in the first place.  So maybe I wasn't all that attracted to her attractive appearance.  But rather, maybe because she had other attributes that made me want her like her consistent A+ rating or what.  Also, I was attracted some pretty (but simple) girl who is usually seen reading or in the library.  I always thought such people are a hard catch.

So maybe Belle is not always seen with an attractive shell.  I remembered the time I fell for a girl who looks like Sayuri Uchida/Bea Saw (both lookalikes) because she was a wide reader.  She wasn't the prettiest girl in school but... she definitely became "bride material" to my eyes.  Belle is better seen in the inner soul of women.  She is not necessarily gorgeous but a reflection that true beauty lies within.

There's always the statement like dissolves like.  I just thought that it's hard to find a girl who actually is like Belle …

Satirical News: "The Plor Kontemplasyon Story" To Be Re-Screened in 3D In Response to Edz Ello's Predicament!

The Plor Kontemplasyon Movie... SOON IN 3D!

Migraine International had reacted over Edz Ello's situation now has decided to re-screen the Plor Kontemplasyon Story in 3D.  The concern of Migraine International over Edz Ello's situation has them say he was just oppressed, his account was hacked and that the police forced him into confession.  Some supporters of Edz Ello were rallying for his pardon and that he should be rehired into Tan Sek Tong Hospital.

One of the members of Migraine International namely Odiara Kapal Mukha and Rolando Morona.  Previously they were involved in the "Plor Kontempasyon Day" incident in Singapore.  They were caned and deported after a year.  Instead of learning their lesson, both of them continued to use their Victim Cards.  They had already prepared remastering "The Plor Kontemplasyon" story in 3D for cinemas.

"Edz Ello is doing that every proud Filipino should be doing!  Chinese have occupied our holy country the Philipp…

Filipino-Hating Singaporeans Should Consider They're No Better than Edz Ello!

I had my thought that some Singaporeans are no better than this hateful FLIFPAG.  All I can say is, it's best to stay calm AND focus on the offenders.  Hating Pinoys for being Pinoys is not a good thing.  I mean, some Pinoy workers in Singapore are honest to goodness.  The fault of Edz Ello DOES NOT make the whole Pinoy pople like him.  I know many Pinoys can be like that guy BUT some Pinoys have actually raised their disapproval for him.

May I raise this one... his deportation from Singapore is ALSO an issue for every decent Filipino.  Pinoys who are decent Filipinos do not condone to the wrongs of their fellow Pinoy.  I mean every concerned Pinoy who is against him is just as much as concerned as every Singaporean who wants him deported.  Singaporeans should think about Tan Sok Teng Hospital is ANTI-RACIST.  They will accept Filipinos for work as much as every other nationality.  The only Pinoys that deserve to be punished are the offenders.

Please punish people according to th…

How to Insult a Troll Without Replying At All!


My Teenage Fling Asked Me To Marry Her Before!

When I remembered my ex-girlfriend getting married, I really remembered the time my teenage fling actually mentioned about me and her getting married.  I always thought she's not the right kind of woman to marry but I entertained her amorous advances whenever, wherever.  I would admit that I wanted to play around with her, but not marry her.  For some reason, I found it weird that she actually wanted to marry me for some reason.

What her reasons were I can't really say but... she did want to marry me before.  Whenever we were alone, she not only asked provocative questions, she also mentioned "marriage".  What I couldn't even resist back then was to play around with her.  Plenty of times, she opposed my former girlfriend, my former girlfriend's best friend because she "claimed" me that time.  She actually discussed about me marrying her... but I guess she only wanted a marriage of convenience.  I never told anyone about the incident, I kept her as …

Satirical News: No Direction Vows to Perform Penitensya on Good Friday!

Before President Nobita (center) established the band called "No Direction", he had performed the Penitensya during Good Friday, now the whole of No Direction plans to join in with President Nobita.  Members Pink Lacson, Doraemar Roxas, Kill Henares and Money Villar have made a vow during the Black Nazarene procession to also crucify themselves this Good Friday.

"President Nobita crucifying himself was for the good of the Filipino people.  Your taxes were not in vain.  The President crucifying himself was proof he loves this country.  Your economy is improving thanks to me and the BIR.  We assure you we raised taxes to improve the economy.  Now I will also crucify myself with President Nobita.  I will personally see to it that our nation will progress thanks to your taxes." said Bureau of Internal Robbery Konsomisyoner, Kill Henares.

"If becoming a traffic enforcer, painter, kargador or any won't help me beat Jejemon Bitay, I hope crucifying myself this G…

My Experience at the Bohol Bee Farm

Six years ago during my trip to Bohol, the Bohol Bee Farm was a resort that I checked in with my relatives from Manila and Surigao.  Even by its name, you can tell this resort is going to be an extraordinary experience.  The place is owned by Vicky Wallace, a Filipino entrepreneur from Bohol.

Here's what I can testify about my trip and check in here:

The name "Bohol Bee Farm" as it suggests IT IS A BEE FARM.  Don't worry, the bees are contained in restricted areas since they produce their Boholano honey.  I would talk about some of the unique experience here that makes this a fun tourist spot.

Here's just a sneak peak of what you will find... but I'll show some spots that amazed me.  Aside from its Pinoy-style architecture to give that good Pinoy experience... you can also take a look at these marvels...
There is the souvenir shop that sells various products that they have made.  You can get honey, pesto and tea all ORGANICALLY made.  The honey here is a uni…

The Unique Experience of Dining and Cruising at Bohol's Famous Loboc River

One of the best things to do in Bohol (unless you are seasick then this trip is no fun for you, just a warning) is to ride the floating restaurant.  I remembered being there with my relatives for a family reunion.

Here's a closer view of the boat.  A bit of description... it is a slow moving boat so you can enjoy the scenic view of the Loboc River.  Compared to the Pasig River in Manila, it has been well-maintained although I don't think they allow people to swim here.

The Loboc River features a delicious buffet of Filipino food.  Just a bit of advice... they serve red rice from Bohol instead of the regular white rice.  It might not be so appealing at first (for some) but I did enjoy the red rice on the cruise.  Red rice is healthier and more nutritious than your regular table rice.  They serve some seafood, barbeque and the like for a unique Bohohano fun experience.

The Better Advantage of Practical Buying!

The whole Dingdong/Marian wedding had triggered another part of me.  I felt like I can discuss about practical buying.  Before people can start to say, "You're just jealous." like that Troll guy at Get Real Philippines group, I can start to actually show the advantage of practical buying.  Practical buying is all about being practical with how you spend your money.  You make a budget but you also plan at the same time.

It's a common problem these days to have the economics of overspending.  Sad to say but a lot of Pinoys have copied the typical American habit of overspending.  I remembered the whole statement of, "When they can't afford it, they charge it to their credit cards."  It's always a problem when people just spend and spend without thinking about the consequences of spending.

Sure one can have all the nice stuff BUT do you have savings?  The problem is when one looks at status symbols as an indicator of wealth when it isn't.  Sure you…

The Wedding Cake of Marian and Dingdong

Well why do I feel I was even there at the wedding?  Not really but I thought that huge cakes are impractical no matter how much it cost.  I talked with my cousin who owns a home baker on the issue on her opinion.  She said that the taste could have been compromised.  At the same time, knowing it was Goldilocks, I really doubt the quality was even good.  Sometimes a good baker knows when not to bake a cake.  So I was thinking that there's really the whole size/taste proportion to which taste could have been compromised.

I started to think that maybe the taste was compromised based on some "experiment" I had with my cousin.  So she started to bake cakes bigger than usual and those that followed standards.  When I tasted the cakes that didn't follow the standards and went quite big (but not as big as Marian and Dingdong), they felt dry.  The cakes that followed the standard size and recipe had a better taste.  So looking back at that experience, it's highly possib…

The Three Dangers of Flaunting One's Wealth in Public!

So I guess the whole Dingdong/Marian affair hasn't gotten over my head as if I was there to attend the super expensive wedding.  Maybe not.  But it also made me want to write something that may address the whole issue of the dangers of flaunting one's wealth.  The whole wedding of Dingdong and Marian when they became Mr. and Mrs. Dantes was a huge display of wealth.  Huge cake (and I wonder if the taste got compromised) and you can add all the elaborate display, all the road blocks, trying to look like royalty, a PHP 2,000,000.00 wedding gown... it certainly is impractical.

It made me think that as a child, I was jealous of people who looked impressive but one may consider reality.  Flaunting one's wealth is a dangerous habit that anybody must avoid.  Okay I'm not just talking about the super rich since wealth means the amount of money you currently have.  Now let's try to talk about the dangers of flaunting one's wealth.

It's a huge waste of money.  I alw…

After Dingdong and Marian's Wedding... My Former Manservant Enters My Mind!

I remembered the time my former manservant had the obsession with marrying Marian Rivera even if he was already in his 40s, had little or no money and was even caught in the celebrity delusion.  I cannot deny how crazy it was considering he would beg for annulment money which cost around PHP 250,000.00.  When I think about it, the amount of money was quite big.  So he earns at least PHP 2,500.00 a week considering his job wasn't easy.  But here's the reality... when he asked for money that big, here's what he must give up.  He must agree to work without pay for the REST OF HIS LIFE if he asked for that money.  With his financial condition, he has little or no money to pay be back either.  It's a mistake that most people make including myself to just loan somebody without thinking of the risks.  He had his clear lack of common sense because he didn't think of the consequences.

I could remember all his silly attempts like write an application to GMA-7 with just yel…

Classic Amy Jo Johnson

Here's double the classic eye candy!  Meanwhile I'm obsessed with a half-Swiss girl who kinda looks like her...

She was so sexy...
Still so appealing...