My Teenage Fling Asked Me To Marry Her Before!

When I remembered my ex-girlfriend getting married, I really remembered the time my teenage fling actually mentioned about me and her getting married.  I always thought she's not the right kind of woman to marry but I entertained her amorous advances whenever, wherever.  I would admit that I wanted to play around with her, but not marry her.  For some reason, I found it weird that she actually wanted to marry me for some reason.

What her reasons were I can't really say but... she did want to marry me before.  Whenever we were alone, she not only asked provocative questions, she also mentioned "marriage".  What I couldn't even resist back then was to play around with her.  Plenty of times, she opposed my former girlfriend, my former girlfriend's best friend because she "claimed" me that time.  She actually discussed about me marrying her... but I guess she only wanted a marriage of convenience.  I never told anyone about the incident, I kept her as some kind of "drug" which was just wrong.  I was playing with fire in that "relationship" knowing for well she was no good in spite of her attractive appearance.

I would admit that she was really more of a brainless beauty.  Worse, she had also mentioned more than once or twice about my ex-girlfriend.  I mean, my ex-girlfriend didn't accept me immediately.  She always butt in to that courtship which she knew how to use her sex appeal.  Later, my ex-girlfriend after our breakup tried to get me and her to actually get serious.  But I had to admit that I always made one excuse or another to save myself from what could have been a bad marriage.  I'm glad she didn't have the power over me completely although she could have if she willed it.  Later, we both had to walk our separate ways since I know nothing good could come from that relationship.