With Her Nose Stuck In a Book!

I always thought why I was even attracted to that girl who looks like Haruka Suenaga in the first place.  So maybe I wasn't all that attracted to her attractive appearance.  But rather, maybe because she had other attributes that made me want her like her consistent A+ rating or what.  Also, I was attracted some pretty (but simple) girl who is usually seen reading or in the library.  I always thought such people are a hard catch.

So maybe Belle is not always seen with an attractive shell.  I remembered the time I fell for a girl who looks like Sayuri Uchida/Bea Saw (both lookalikes) because she was a wide reader.  She wasn't the prettiest girl in school but... she definitely became "bride material" to my eyes.  Belle is better seen in the inner soul of women.  She is not necessarily gorgeous but a reflection that true beauty lies within.

There's always the statement like dissolves like.  I just thought that it's hard to find a girl who actually is like Belle deep within.  She doesn't really have to be that attractive (but I do have certain standards for appearance).  So how I played Harvest Moon: Back to Nature pretty much summed it up.  My choice for my game bride was Mary.  Mary had the traits I wanted in a girl... a moderate appearance, bookworm.. and well she's the woman I had my character marry in Harvest Moon.