Filipino-Hating Singaporeans Should Consider They're No Better than Edz Ello!

I had my thought that some Singaporeans are no better than this hateful FLIFPAG.  All I can say is, it's best to stay calm AND focus on the offenders.  Hating Pinoys for being Pinoys is not a good thing.  I mean, some Pinoy workers in Singapore are honest to goodness.  The fault of Edz Ello DOES NOT make the whole Pinoy pople like him.  I know many Pinoys can be like that guy BUT some Pinoys have actually raised their disapproval for him.

May I raise this one... his deportation from Singapore is ALSO an issue for every decent Filipino.  Pinoys who are decent Filipinos do not condone to the wrongs of their fellow Pinoy.  I mean every concerned Pinoy who is against him is just as much as concerned as every Singaporean who wants him deported.  Singaporeans should think about Tan Sok Teng Hospital is ANTI-RACIST.  They will accept Filipinos for work as much as every other nationality.  The only Pinoys that deserve to be punished are the offenders.

Please punish people according to their offenses, not their ethnicity.