The Three Dangers of Flaunting One's Wealth in Public!

So I guess the whole Dingdong/Marian affair hasn't gotten over my head as if I was there to attend the super expensive wedding.  Maybe not.  But it also made me want to write something that may address the whole issue of the dangers of flaunting one's wealth.  The whole wedding of Dingdong and Marian when they became Mr. and Mrs. Dantes was a huge display of wealth.  Huge cake (and I wonder if the taste got compromised) and you can add all the elaborate display, all the road blocks, trying to look like royalty, a PHP 2,000,000.00 wedding gown... it certainly is impractical.

It made me think that as a child, I was jealous of people who looked impressive but one may consider reality.  Flaunting one's wealth is a dangerous habit that anybody must avoid.  Okay I'm not just talking about the super rich since wealth means the amount of money you currently have.  Now let's try to talk about the dangers of flaunting one's wealth.

It's a huge waste of money.  I always had my thoughts why some rich lady I knew doesn't live a lifestyle of flaunting her wealth.  Most of her clothes are in condition but they are pretty old clothes.  She doesn't eat fancy.  She usually prefers to live a thrifty lifestyle.  The problem is some people want to brag their new stuff like iPhones, iPads, BMWs, riding business class planes, bringing a maid to Europe... stuff which my that rich aunt of mine things are usually nonsense.  It seldom irritates her that her brother's client flaunted what he has - fortunately he doesn't go gambling, womanizing and the like so he more or less, still has cash on hand.  However some people do all their vices to flaunt their wealth until they get buried in debt.

It only gives you fair-weathered friends who are actualy jealous enemies.  Like it or not, fair-weathered friends are irritating because they are actually jealous enemies.  It reminded me how someone was Mr. Popularity because he had this and that, what the others didn't have.  I had none of those stuff even if my parents could afford them.  But remember, popularity is FICKLE.  In show business, you can be famous today but somebody else better is destined to come.  Life is never always ups, it must have its downs like a wheel must go up and down that life must have rain and sunshine to be balanced.  Fair-weathered friends don't like you for who you are, they only like you for the stuff you have.  When you need help, they won't help you.

It gives an overly obvious clue to kidnappers.  If you have heard of some rich people that got kidnapped, it was because they had a high profile living.  If I were a kidnap for ransom gang leader, I would really love obvious clues.  I would want to kidnap some rich guy who's riding a BMW and parading it around, hoping to get easy money.  I may not want to kidnap the rich man who is secretly rich.  I want open clues.  I want to make sure it's obvious.  Because if I kidnap someone who is driving an old-fashioned car, I may just be nabbing away a regular employee instead of a CEO right?  Which of course, this serves as the biggest danger I can name in the list because it threatens one's well-being.