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Mandarin Education... How We Might Improve It!

With the rising need for Mandarin education, to be honest it can be very frustrating to have Mandarin education with only memorizing phrases without understanding them, really or that fill in the blanks isn't helping.  For me, this might be the best way considering this could be the only way...

The first step is to really make it easy.  Note that most Chinese students might not be Chinese or even if they are ethnically Chinese but being descendants of migrants, it can be a problem.  I mean, Vanness Wu for instance because of him being American by citizenship had to start all over.  Also in the Philippines, Filipinos can be very dumbfounded with Chinese since it's a very different language.  If Chinese can be dumbfounded by English, the same can happen to other people when it comes to Chinese.  So the fact is ENOUGH of the useless memorizations in Chinese!

It's VERY important to STOP with the Chinese alphabet and MOVE towards the direct use of the Phoentic alphabet like it…

Funny "Legumes" is a Term for Stupidity Yet It's Also Associated for "Brain Food"

The whole funny fact I have considered is this- legumes can be a term associated with stupidity like the term "pea brain" and "peanut brain" to which Beauty and the Beast from Disney had its villain Gaston named as Gaston LeGume to specify he is kind of stupid.  Now moving on, for the scientific facts...

There are top ten brain power foods and we happen to realize legumes is part of them!  What we don't realize is that while legumes don't make geniuses out of everyone but it does keep brains healthy aside from Vitamin B complex and fish oils.

Possible Ventures for a Food Business

List of ideas to explore for a business but of course, I am NOT telling you anything than the cover!

A steak house can be ideal for one.  But of course trying to come out with a good steak recipe is needed.  In my case as a beef lover, I would like to learn different styles in preparing steak while I could also offer related items like vegetable salad, french fries and burgers.  Well yeah, beef soup.  If you can develop an exotic taste why not?

Another would be to try and mass produce (natural ingredients) to create the oxtail soup with a very unique taste.

Desserts can be another.  That could be a good business.  I might want to do my own bakery but I have to do some self-study.

So far, it's a tricky process if you ask me but profitability is needed.

Trying to Define My Writing Style to Serve as a Guide

After some rather unimpressive failures with fan fic writing with OOC and nonsense, I thought it can be time to do some careful research and writing styles.  Yup, there's some failure to start with and of course, learning from these failures is important.  I've gotten into the mistake of hatred, out of characterization, canon rape, etc. now I just need to redefine myself and of course, being more careful while not writing if not in the right mind.  Too bad I'm on on mental "crack" again with all those obsession over girls I'll never have. =P

Love dodecahedrons- A triangle is too common, why stop there?  Being a lover of romance stories, I love having chaotic romance events but I have to be careful not to overdo it.  In this one are also hopeless suitors as part of the whole mess.  However no incest, yaoi, yuri, man x machine, pedophilia, etc. ever involved since I personally don't like writing them.

Interracial pairing- I like having interracial pairings …

The Problem of Many Pinoys and Budgeting Habits

One of the biggest problems of many Filipinos these days is overspending.  That is right.... they are asking for consideration and then they get it, however this can become a ground of abuse between Filipinos who budget vs. those who do not.  The problem can be as simple as this...

Many Filipinos sad to say are a problem to their fellow Filipinos.  In what way?  There was the old Filipino-Chinese proverb that goes, "When the person has no money, they ask for pity and when they have money, they don't save wisely."  That can be true which can be illustrated in this example...

A lot of Filipinos are trapped in debt.  The reason can be because if they can't afford something they immediately charge it to their credit cards or two, you should consider the hard to accept fact such Filipinos just keep loaning from their countrymen.  These loans can have a range of inexcusable excuses rather than real excuses because they have stupid reasons... and the government can be part…

Ciara Hanna Pictures I Found as of July 26, 2013

Here's a rather funny looking Ciara Hanna picture with Starbucks, apparently she's a funny person. =D

Trying to Define What's In My Love Dodecahedron

After having the rather uncontrollable fic SS vs. PR (which I won't delete for the sake of the favorites I've got) but I had a thought I need to define my writing style.  So maybe I could really at least know what I need... now for my dodecahedron.

Yup I am a fan of love dodecahedron which I love to do fan pairings though I have to be careful not to overdo it.  While love triangles between men can be too tragic, I like to do the one between women or two, a series of villainous crushes.  Now for what's in it:

Multiracial pairings and attractions- though in my case I love to utilize the Japanese/Chinese guy/girl with a white partner.  So pretty much I like the idea of pairing Japanese/Chinese guy with white girl the most.

Love triangles.  Well but I thought I might move on to focusing more on two girls for one guy than the usual.  In fact, I thought it could be weird if while the two girls are fighting, they don't realize that the guy wants them both.  Though in my Super…

A Touching Story of Japanese Cooperation

This is one touching story from Japan.  Here's what was said in the Facebook page "Japan from Inside":
Yesterday (22nd July) at 09:15am, in Minami-ku, Saitama-Shi JR Minami Urawa station, a 30-year-old lady slipped into the gap between the train and the platform when boarding the Keihin Tohoku line. She was stuck at her waist.About 40 passengers, both on the platform and from the train carriage, came out to help push the train away from the platform so as to rescue the lady. The lady was later brought to the hospital and was reported to have no significant injuries.When the incident happened, the train staff made an announcement apologizing that the train has been delayed because someone got stuck in the platform gap. Instead of grudging or complaining about the delay during the rush hour, several train passengers voluntarily got off the train to help the train staff rescue the lady. Within moments, everyone got off their seat to join in the rescue.Guess what?The Keihin-…

Most American Shows are Overrated

Most American shows are overrated that's the sad fact.  It's always "America... America..." well while I am NOT anti-American otherwise I wouldn't be supporting Power Rangers or Spongebob but here's a few facts worth mentioning...

While I'm not anti-Power Rangers myself but it is overrated compared to Super Sentai thanks to some American mindset.  It does become a problem really when people watch a show or love it just because it's American forgetting the fact that Power Rangers with its multi-ethnic group may be meant to be anti-racist (seriously all that Trini and Zack as racist controversy should be dropped).  It's a sad fact that there are those annoying Power Rangers purists who will refuse to watch the source of the show that is Super Sentai (even WHEN the credits of Power Rangers credits the show it was based from) and they are just as annoying as the unfair haters of Power Rangers. In fact, I even started my Sentai blog with the intent to …

Green Tea Gelato

For one, I was finding the whole idea of green tea ice cream gross since I drank matcha or any form of green tea without cream or sugar.  However after attending a special event, I immediately came to get some green tea gelato.  Hee hee, surprisingly good for me.  So what was really on it?  It was really, really a different type of recreational tea with a relaxing taste.

Ciara Hanna Pictures I Found as of July 21, 2013

Well here's some of her pictures from her Instagram.  Enjoy.
Love Ciara Hanna's yellow dress in here.  Megaforce is on the way.

Chilling out though this picture.

Another fine day at the beach.

Dialed the Wrong Number on Emma Roberts?

While I can "lament" she's in the list of "drooling over a girl I'll never have" syndrome, but that alleged attack on her boyfriend was really not proven or was probably a dial the wrong number.  Just made me think did they really fight?  Hmmmm... and later she was released eventually. But with the reports of the bruises, hmmm maybe she has a lot of thorns after all. =P  Only if the real story can be clarified.  But the fact she had bruises, looks like she may have been acting in self-defense or what... just a thought.  Or not, but it seems she can be very difficult and demanding.  I've already read of her report of her breaking up with Alex Pettyfer and Chord Overstreet because she was very demanding.  Hmmm... fortunately I'm only looking for a lookalike.

Sad News for Our Former Manservant

Well it's time for him to kiss his butt goodbye.  Hee hee.  I just discovered that the girl who's young enough to be his daughter who he was fancying to be his wife (and give him a junior) is now getting married to the man she loves and it's not him.  He deluded himself to be that man but the truth is, he wasn't.  Why would a girl of that kind of high status want to marry a spendthrift laborer, drunkard and raising a lazy bum like him?  Well I hope the news reaches his ears... hee hee that's payback for what he did to me with all the years of hypocritical service.  As said, what goes around comes around. =P  Hee hee, I can't wait for the marriage to start and him running like crazy trying to stop the marriage only for him to get laughed at and locked up, at the same time his lazy nephew will have to work.  Ha ha.

Those Kids Spreading Lies and Urban Legends About Fads...

Yup as a 90s kid, there were a lot of false secrets and stuff back then... used by kids who were most likely so pampered they are arrogant.  Now let's get a move... and here are some I can remember...

Video Games:

Video game lies are a VERY huge thing.  So yeah, I guess some 90s kids discovered the whole Shen Long scam and I really, REALLY freaking hated that scam.  There was this rumor of the character who possessed all the fighting moves of the fighters and blah, really.  That game rumor was confirmed as an April Fool's joke maybe to punish those fans. =P

Mortal Kombat was really FULL of rumors like the "secret codes" here and there and were spread by kids?  Hee hee, I guess those parents were pretty dumb to buy the game for kids.  For one, there were rumors you could play as Reptile in MK1, Noob Saibot being the "highest bad guy", etc. which were mostly fabrications.  But some fanmade rumors became reality like Reptile becoming a playable character, boss …

Trying to Define My Style of Comedy

For one, I may want to give a shot on "darker and edgier" but I figured out I prefer "lighter and softer" and at a guilt trip "denser and wackier". So far, here's a summary of what I try to use:

The exploration of human flaws is what is needed.  It's pretty much a bad habit of mine to hate my weaknesses but as time passed by not ever since I got the comment like, "You couldn't enjoy the Invisible Dopant arc because you were drooling over a girl you'll never have..." made me think the comedy of errors which makes comedy, comedy if you can use some character flaws for funny scenes even exaggerate them if need be.  While doing some watching old-fashioned comedy Chris X had told me to watch like Monty Python and The New Three Stooges, I'm learning something.  Sometimes these flaws can be weaponized as well like making a person eat bad cooking as punishment.  However in Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon, Mako's cooking has improved…

What I Freaking Love About Mortal Kombat for the Playstation 3?

So far, I am tempted to give this game its award as the best fighting game ever for now.  Now here's been a few things I just love about this game aside from its graphics and musical score... in no particular order.

Going back to the 2D plane and the easy to do combo system.  Yup while I do still enjoy 3D planes like the PS2 versions of Mortal Kombat or of the Tekken franchise but sometimes adding old school elements can be good.  So yeah, what is better is that it has Tekken's accessibility when it comes to the combos.  Each button accesses a limb namely the left punch, right punch, left kick and right kick which are renamed as front punch, back punch, front kick and back kick which makes even beginners learn very easily.  It's fun trying to mish-mash some combos and learning how to do them.  Not to mention classic moves are back with a vengeance as well.

I might add the camera moves some angles sometimes.  Bad?  No I love the aesthetics with the camera while in a 2D fie…

How Power Rangers on Nickelodeon Inspired Me to Do Crazy Ideas

Well maybe I really freaking hated how Power Rangers Samurai was done and its horrid nature is almost as bad as Operation Overdork, maybe worse but here's one thing worth saying- Power Rangers does still inspire my writings good or bad.  Well Super Sentai is back on Nickelodeon and while I did do a Sentai/PR crossover which was my first shot as a novice (and had done a lot of errors which I hope I won't hit with future stories), I would really say Power Rangers on Nickelodeon has given me absurd ideas.  Sideline I'd rather watch Power Rangers Samurai than freaking Hannah Montana.  For a few confessions, most post-Zordon arc rangers except during Kalish era and PR Samurai for me are all still worth rewatching.

Well yeah, for one Power Rangers on Nickelodeon made me think that "Wah I should attempt to crossover Japanese superheroes with American originals from Nickelodeon."  I dunno why I never had that with Disney maybe because I was too angry with Hannah Montana…

Spike's Ramblings on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Below is my interpretation of how Spike will write a review of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger:

Well this is Spike Skullovitch and I would say I am so angry with Mr. Krabs' return.  Yeah, I thought it'd be great but sigh, me and Uncle Bulk were sent into the craziest series- we had little or no use.  So what we did was we decided to go to Japan to meet the Shinkengers.  My father Skull and I have had some issues why we resigned.  To be honest I'm underpaid and now for my review on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger... it's a problem though that my friends still have so many misconceptions about Super Sentai as either they call it "the original Power Rangers" or "Power Rangers came first"... dang it they NEED to read the freaking credits that credit Power Rangers from its source Super Sentai and plus, Power Rangers can't be fake because Toei gave Mr. Krabs legitimate permission but I freaking hate Mr. Krabs now for not treating Power Rangers with respect like h…