Most American Shows are Overrated

Most American shows are overrated that's the sad fact.  It's always "America... America..." well while I am NOT anti-American otherwise I wouldn't be supporting Power Rangers or Spongebob but here's a few facts worth mentioning...

While I'm not anti-Power Rangers myself but it is overrated compared to Super Sentai thanks to some American mindset.  It does become a problem really when people watch a show or love it just because it's American forgetting the fact that Power Rangers with its multi-ethnic group may be meant to be anti-racist (seriously all that Trini and Zack as racist controversy should be dropped).  It's a sad fact that there are those annoying Power Rangers purists who will refuse to watch the source of the show that is Super Sentai (even WHEN the credits of Power Rangers credits the show it was based from) and they are just as annoying as the unfair haters of Power Rangers. In fact, I even started my Sentai blog with the intent to make it as a PR bashing one but I realized fans just need the right approach for people to know the source material.  It does become plainly ungrateful when Power Rangers fans (or Super Sentai fans) refuse to give one over the other a chance.  I seldom compare Power Rangers to the Krabby Patty in Spongebob- most of its fans are like the people in Bikini Bottom who love the cheapskate behind the product too much it can drive you nuts though Mr. Krabs is an exaggeration of Haim Saban.

Teen comedy can be overrated at times.  For example, as much as I am a fan of Victoria Justice and Emma Roberts but their shows aren't anything spectacular.  Unfabulous can get unfabulous and I only watched it to drool over Emma Roberts and the same goes for Victorious to drool over Victoria Justice.  But to praise them as super shows?  Nope... they had their credits but they do need to be improved.  I guess it's best if Victoria Justice will move away from Nickelodeon for better career advancements to make new room for new talent sooner or later.

However my worst irritations might be biased but any shows with Miley Cyrus drives me nuts.  It boggles my mind a lot to think that Hannah Montana was one show that made me go crazy to the point I'd rather watch a bad season of Power Rangers.  Yup, I'd rather watch Power Rangers over Hanna Montana though I'd rather watch Spongebob than Power Rangers.  In fact, maybe I should mention contemporary Disney as a whole is really overrated even if it lost the quality that once had during the past.  Disney had some good series and movies before Hannah Montana.  But let's face it- I really believe Hannah Montana ruined Disney. =(