Trying to Define What's In My Love Dodecahedron

After having the rather uncontrollable fic SS vs. PR (which I won't delete for the sake of the favorites I've got) but I had a thought I need to define my writing style.  So maybe I could really at least know what I need... now for my dodecahedron.

Yup I am a fan of love dodecahedron which I love to do fan pairings though I have to be careful not to overdo it.  While love triangles between men can be too tragic, I like to do the one between women or two, a series of villainous crushes.  Now for what's in it:

Multiracial pairings and attractions- though in my case I love to utilize the Japanese/Chinese guy/girl with a white partner.  So pretty much I like the idea of pairing Japanese/Chinese guy with white girl the most.

Love triangles.  Well but I thought I might move on to focusing more on two girls for one guy than the usual.  In fact, I thought it could be weird if while the two girls are fighting, they don't realize that the guy wants them both.  Though in my Super Sentai x Nickelodeon: The Delusional Crossover, I doubt it Takeru would want to have both Mako and Addie in a threesome.  Hmmm for Toshiki Inoue, he really wrote the bizarre Shizuka/Mio/Wataru love triangle which was also complicated by the Wataru/Taiga/Mio love triangle.  It can be between friends and between enemies.

Some unusual pairing and odd attractions without any violation can do.  Like pair off Johnny Bravo and Daphne Blake or as long as it's some kind of odd pairing.

The traditional villainous crush.  So pretty much, this is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.  I did have my what ifs on Belle and Gaston before though I'd like to do a gender reversal which is like Poison Ivy and Batman.  Well why not a combo of both?  Really just a thought.  But it's not always beauty that's the motive, maybe some villains are just odd like a handsome villain obsessing over a geeky girl who hates him.

Plain unrequited love.  What's a dodecahedron without it?