Sad News for Our Former Manservant

Well it's time for him to kiss his butt goodbye.  Hee hee.  I just discovered that the girl who's young enough to be his daughter who he was fancying to be his wife (and give him a junior) is now getting married to the man she loves and it's not him.  He deluded himself to be that man but the truth is, he wasn't.  Why would a girl of that kind of high status want to marry a spendthrift laborer, drunkard and raising a lazy bum like him?  Well I hope the news reaches his ears... hee hee that's payback for what he did to me with all the years of hypocritical service.  As said, what goes around comes around. =P  Hee hee, I can't wait for the marriage to start and him running like crazy trying to stop the marriage only for him to get laughed at and locked up, at the same time his lazy nephew will have to work.  Ha ha.