A Touching Story of Japanese Cooperation

This is one touching story from Japan.  Here's what was said in the Facebook page "Japan from Inside":
Yesterday (22nd July) at 09:15am, in Minami-ku, Saitama-Shi JR Minami Urawa station, a 30-year-old lady slipped into the gap between the train and the platform when boarding the Keihin Tohoku line. She was stuck at her waist. 
About 40 passengers, both on the platform and from the train carriage, came out to help push the train away from the platform so as to rescue the lady. The lady was later brought to the hospital and was reported to have no significant injuries. 
When the incident happened, the train staff made an announcement apologizing that the train has been delayed because someone got stuck in the platform gap. Instead of grudging or complaining about the delay during the rush hour, several train passengers voluntarily got off the train to help the train staff rescue the lady. Within moments, everyone got off their seat to join in the rescue. 
Guess what? 
The Keihin-Tohoku line went back into service within 8 minutes.

My reaction?  It's time to get rid of crab mentality.  If the Filipino people can work together, the Philippines can definitely change for the better not for the worse.  The fact that the 40 passengers helped to push the train away and the lady was saved, it was definitely an act of cooperation.  Would have they given in to crab mentality, they'll never resume back to duty.  I hope this story will help us understand the importance of cooperation.