Spike's Ramblings on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Below is my interpretation of how Spike will write a review of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger:

Well this is Spike Skullovitch and I would say I am so angry with Mr. Krabs' return.  Yeah, I thought it'd be great but sigh, me and Uncle Bulk were sent into the craziest series- we had little or no use.  So what we did was we decided to go to Japan to meet the Shinkengers.  My father Skull and I have had some issues why we resigned.  To be honest I'm underpaid and now for my review on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger... it's a problem though that my friends still have so many misconceptions about Super Sentai as either they call it "the original Power Rangers" or "Power Rangers came first"... dang it they NEED to read the freaking credits that credit Power Rangers from its source Super Sentai and plus, Power Rangers can't be fake because Toei gave Mr. Krabs legitimate permission but I freaking hate Mr. Krabs now for not treating Power Rangers with respect like he used to!

Moving on... here's what I think...

Too bad Mr. Krabs does put an anemic effort.  In my case, the thought the Shikenger cast was pretty cool, very cool and much cooler than the Power Rangers Samurai. Biased?  Well for some reason, these guys have their charm.  From left to right they are Mako who is Shinken Pink, Chiaki who is Shinken Green, Takeru who is Shinken Red, Ryunosuke Ikenami who is Shinken Blue, Kotoha who is Shinken Yellow and their team mentor Hikoma called Jii.  I would say the cast is better than Power Rangers Samurai though none of them can be my favorite.  For Mako, I'm glad she's more of a pretty face now just got to keep myself under control!

For Mako boy is she gorgeous.  I would admit that she didn't have to hold my hand or ask me if I'm alright to grab my attention.  Even from afar, her beauty is recognizable.  Hee hee, but yeah I'm just some silly lovesick fool here. XD

Just a thought... at least THIS GUY got to fight in one episode even if he was just a guest character.  Poor Uncle Bulk!  But seriously he loved the episode where Mr. Brown appeared.  He also lamented that he never got to fight with the Power Rangers Samurai.  To be honest, I felt so useless in Power Rangers Samurai... and here's my favorite Shinkenger...

Shinkenger was pretty great in itself with Takeru, Ryunosuke, Mako (oh she's so gorgeous but the real point is she's got the charm Mia lacks), Chiai and Kotoha but none of them became my personal favorite (maybe except Mako) until this dude came.  Genta, he's one hyper dude who is a samurai wannabee who gets to become a Shinkenger.  Boy I hate how I freakingly never become a samurai!  Moving on, Genta's so cool really.  He's got some hidden talent you know!  He is MY favorite Shinkenger ya know!  Compared to me, he doesn't rent with his uncle and he really gets to kick butt.  Woah... man I feel so wasted compared to this guy.  Now he is MY FAVORITE SHINKENGER!  I really loved his first appearance with that sushi cart and how this wannabee goes beyond being a wannabee.  I just love the way he has created devices to help the Shinkengers proving a samurai lineage ain't necessary.  In fact, I find him funnier than me.

For the villain Juzo, well I would say this guy was really scary. Deker was pretty bland... this guy was a real menace.  I couldn't care much about the Shinkenger villains because they were more or less just as vicious as their Power Rangers Samurai counterparts.  But I do love Doukoku's voice here... so freakingly scary!

Just a little but weirdness I had later...

Yup that is right.  So while in Power Rangers Samurai we have Lauren is Jayden's older sister, here it kind of made more sense for a little while that Takeru was a shadow warrior, pretending to be the 18th head to why he can't seal Doukoku which gave Takeru a better reason to leave.  Heck, Jayden says he has nothing to live for but he has a sister.  Takeru, no, he got orphaned pretty early and had to disguise himself as the true head.  That was okay that was until the funniest thing in Tokusatsu history happened... she ADOPTED HIM?!  Really, is it even legal?  Well it was so funny I rolled over.

Overall, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger is much better than the show I got stuck into.  I just hope Power Rangers will regain the charm it once had in the 90s and early 2000s... that was until Operation Overdrive and this show really came out. =(