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Amy Jo Johnson Picture For April 30, 2016

Time moves on but we'd like to remember just everyone. Amy Jo Johnson's with Johnny Yong Bosch (a real true martial artist), Erin Cahill, Austin St. John and Jason Faunt. 

Miss USA Olivia Jordan

Here's Miss USA Olivia Jordan and she's really pretty...
She's got a nice smile.

She's naturally gorgeous...

Satirical News: New Cigarette Brand "Marbobo" Released By Liberal Party

The Liberal Party desperate to get Mar Roxas to become president launches the new product "Marbobo". Marbobo is described as the new cigarette brand that makes you "feel high" while claiming to use a special kind of tobacco. To prove the point, President Nobita smoked some Marbobo cigarettes showing how the cigarettes makes people feel good.
BBDO Secretary David Guerrero endorsed Marbobo by saying, "Smoking is more fun in the Philippines." Among the others who smoked Marbobo with President Nobita were former CHR chairperson Etta Rosales, DOTC Secretary Joseph Pabaya, DSWD Secretary Stinky Soliman, Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla, Budget Secretary Butcher Abad, former DILG Secretary Rico Puno, BOC Secretary Alberto Lina, Airport General Manager Jose Devil Conrado and two new CHR employees Kasindak Puslit and Filipo D. Hippo.
The tagline of Marbobo is, "Smoke Marbobo and smoke your problems away." During the smoking rally, those who smoked Marbo…

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Pictures For April 23, 2016

Here's some Amy Jo Johnson pictures of her past today.

Lovely formality

Satirical News: Mortal Kombat XL Philippine Edition Is Out This April 15, 2016!

Mortal Kombat XL: Philippine Edition is finally out on April 15, 2016 Philippine Time. Last night, gamers from the Philippines have been waiting for the biggest game edition. Slow Internet prevente many Filipino gamers from getting the first Kombat Pack and the Second Kombat Pack exclusive to the Philippines. Now they can get it all in one disk.

This time it includes the Second Kombat Pack Philippine Edition which has included the following in its additional content that can be downloaded for MK X owners:

Amy Jo Johnson As Kimberly Pictures For April 15, 2016

She's got no time for silly people

She's still hot even when mad....

Looks Like Gracie Dzienny Would Make A Good Sarah Bryant/Sonya Blade/Nina Williams

This photo isn't only stunning but I'd imagine her as Sarah Bryant, Sonya Blade and/or Nina Williams just looking at this... 

Victoria Justice Picture For April 12, 2016

There's no question she's still one of my favorite former Nickelodeon girls...

Satirical News: Nebula Mask Machine Man's Osamu Sakuta Promises To Play Shippaiman!

Just a day or two after Toei's announcement that Shippaiman was already on the works, senior actor Osamu Sakuta decides to star as the main character Manabu Rokuda. Producer Naomi Takebe who's put in charge of Shippaiman's production stated, "Perfect! Osamu Sakuta is the guy we need to play as the false hero Manabu Rokuda."
Osamu Sakuta was last seen reading "Sa Gitna Ng Unos" translated into Japanese. He replied, "I knew Machine Man didn't have so much good ratings. I wouldn't mind playing Shippaiman for comedy reasons. I've always wanted to act as that idiot Mar Roxas to at least teach his wife a lesson for wishing the tsunami will hit Japan."

The writing cast of Shippaiman now involve Yoshio Urasawa and Naruhisa Arakawa. The series is scheduled to run for at least 26 episodes of pure nonsense. Urasawa mentions, "Carranger wasn't pure nonsense but Shippaiman is. Shippaiman is as superhero wannabe like Hercule in Dragon …

Victoria Justice Looking Really Classy

It's a big transition from Nickelodeon girl to being all classy...
Got to love that smile.

She's really got style.

Pictures taken from here.