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My Thoughts on Frederick Taylor and Scientific Management

Frederick Taylor was coined as the "father of scientific management" or which is called "Taylorism".  It was called scientific management because it analyzed and synthesize the work flow process, in order to make an efficient labor force, waste reduction, and labor productivity.  As said the scientific process starts with the observation, hypothesis, experimentation, data gathering, conclusion then the recommendation.  Using various methods to test efficiency, it also seeks new ideas to improve rather than just stick to what is traditional.  Like science, it has to be flexible and open-minded, work ethics oriented, ready to accept failure and starting all over again before it's too late.

Here are some of the observations I've had with his theory:
Those who are put into repetitive tasks tend to work slower eventually than those who are given different types of work.Labors should include reasonable rest breaks as a means to recharge their energy, recover from …

The Paint That Lasts a Lifetime... Almost

Here's my favorite Boysen commercial where a prisoner has been locked up, the Boysen paint has been applied and it doesn't wear out until he aged.  This is just super hilarious.  I just thought maybe it would be funny to try using a female prisoner as well.

Ye Lai Xiang

This is the version of Ye Lai Xiang (Night Fragrance) as I remember my late paternal grandmother would listen over an old cassette tape or the old phonograph.  It's a pretty nice old song which was later popularized by the late Teresa Teng but compared to that of Teresa Teng's, I really prefer Li Xiang Lan's music way better.  
Now below is an English translation:

That blowing southern wind brings cool and refreshing air.
That nightingale crying sound is very sad.
Under the moon, all flowers are sleeping.
Except, evening flower
is revealing fragrant.
I also love nightingale sings.
Moreover, I love dream that smells like flower.
I hug the evening flower.
I kiss the evening flower.
I sing for you.
Evening flower.
I think for you.
I think for you.
Evening flower.Evening flower.

I love this kind of night.
Evening flower.
aaa … I sing for you.
Repeat *
Evening flower.

Now We See Why He Got Fired From Samsung!

Here's a downright funny picture of a man working in Samsung who was fired by his boss for eating an apple.  Heh... I really thought that the Samsung vs. Apple battle is really still going on especially with how Samsung products are a more affordable substitute to that of Apple's products.  I'm just nervous to see if Apple will really pay 1 billion dollars in several tracks in the form of several one cent coins.

Chunky Kit Kat

I was thinking behind some of my memories and one of the few things I do enjoy is the Chunky Kit Kat.  What makes it different from the regular Kit Kat as shown in this photo is that it's HUGE.  It's chunky (hence the name), delicious and here's a closer view of its inner beauty...

Really irresistible isn't it?  Why not grab one now?

You may also want to try other flavors too.  Yum!

My Ideal Villain Types

Here's been a list of my kind of villains to write if I were to produce a show...

1.) The good-looking but non-vain type.  Not all hot villains are vain or obsessed with their appearance.  Maybe they can be evil in some ways but they refuse to use their beauty to carry out their evil work, choosing to rely on other evil ways.

2.) The petty vengeful type.  This is one villain that remains bitter over incidents that happened in their younger years and won't let go of their past.  That is, they give unfair retributions for past offenses like killing persons who offended them while they were children, they choose to kill people they find annoying and they are pretty much insane like Galvatron.  That is, they even treat their followers like trash.

3.) The ugly but vain type.  Maybe for comedy or ugly variety, I don't know but somehow I thought that it'd be interesting to see an ugly but vain villain.  Villains like Poison Ivy or Snow White's stepmother are just too ster…

Emma Roberts' Island in the Sun

Although Emma Roberts wasn't the main character of Aquamarine but it was fun seeing her as a friend to the main character.  Now here's the song "Island in the Sun" which is one of my favorite Emma Roberts' songs.  I just felt like that the whole Aquamarine film was fun to watch and seeing Emma Roberts act as one of the true friends adds more spice to the script.  

Quite the Pathetic Trash Among Many Pinay Girls

Okay I really have nothing against Pinay girls in general or to those who are married to foreigners out of genuine love but there are just others who are sadly irritations because they want instant cash, always looking for a white partner for the sake of status, they never do their work properly  and sadly some of them become homewreckers who destroy the happy homes of other races just to get what they want.  They have the mentality that foreign is always good thus the colonial mentality.  Along with colonial mentality comes that stupid American superiority mentality.  They always think that when it's American, it's always good.  It's no wonder why Pinoy TV is laced with plenty of American junk like most American cartoons these days or they deliberately choose American adaptations and reject the original all because they think that stupid, "U.S. did better."  U.S. CAN do better but NOT all the time!

So what's so good about foreign if it's foreign trash e…

Feeling Matured But Still Childish Filipino Minors

It just has this really thought of this "feeling matured" shit especially with how the Philippines is downright affected by it (and in an over-extension America).  What do I mean by this?  While these people tease their peers of watching Tokusatsu to be "childish" they tend to do "adult stuff" that really make them moronic resulting to just like that photo above of these idiots imitating the adults they see.  And it's definitely something that this form of "nationalism" has already hit the mindsets of many Filipino minors and turned into chicken brains to a certain degree.  So they can't wait to grow up or they can you're not mature until you do such stuff.  So what's in it for them really?

So why do I say they're freaking childish?  Thinking about it, they do stuff that they think are cool (but are actually doing some other childish activities themselves) but in reality it is really bodily destroying them like getting drunk…

The Tokusatsu Genre: Not Exactly Much of a "Kiddie Show" to Me

I just thought of the idea that there's the teasing of "Tokusatsu is a kiddie show" or as a child, I used to count every Tokusatsu on TV as part of my "Kiddie Show Time".  However as a grownup, I just had my thoughts on that while Power Rangers can be called "kiddie" however most Tokusatsu series regardless of genre does feel in itself to be more mature than kiddie show to me...

Real hard civilian casualties.  In Tokusatsu, civilian casualties can be that disturbing in some ways.  Some civilian casualties even display blood and deaths in them.  For example in Dairanger and Kamen Rider Kuuga, both shows really showed frightening civilian casualties that would scare the shit out of a toddler.  In most American adaptations, they really just say, "And nobody got hurt..." despite the fact that the city was obviously suffering big damage.

Lots of violence and bleeding.  In Super Sentai, the action is far more outrageous than its American adaptatio…

Emma Roberts Montage

Here's a montage of my favorite actress Emma Roberts of her past acting before she became a freelancer and eventually taking on a more "daring" role in Scream 4.  Just a showcase of how she was once that cute girl bloomed into that 5'2 babe I just so adore. :P

Just a Funny McDonald's Picture from Japan?!

Here's one incredibly funny picture of Kamen Riders at McDonalds in Japan.  My thoughts on this are that, well McDonald's is after all a multinational franchise so I guess these Kamen Riders do work in the Japanese market.  Anybody for a Rider Kick Burger anyone?

My Thoughts on Peter Drucker on Management

Peter Drucker in himself remains an important figure in management and here are reasons why with my opinions as part of the ramblings:

1.) In the 1940s he made decentralization the bedrock principle of virtually every large organization the world.  As businesses get bigger, the more the company ought to be decentralized.  For example, some companies eventually become multinational like McDonalds and Jollibee for example- it's Chinese in China, it's Filipino in the Philippines, it's American in America approach.  So what happens is decentralization has become important and one of the ways it gets decentralized to certain extents is through franchising, where a person buys the rights to operate the business and is given a set number of rules to abide by in decision making.

2.) In the 50s, he was asserting that the labor force should treat its workers as assets to be improved and not liabilities to be removed.  It's a sad fact that laborers tend to be treated as if they&#…

Henri Fayol's Management Theory

Well I just thought I would like to do some review on classical business theories that are studied by marketing management to which I remembered Henri Fayol.

Five functions of management:
to forecast and plan,to organizeto commandto coordinateto control

It must be understood that management has the five functions as mentioned above.

A good manager forecasts and plans because he/she seeks to minimize error to the lowest possible margin and minimize losses.  He/she is also organized, meaning everything comes in order, does things by a proper schedule and though while in flexibility, still makes sure everything is in proper sequence.  The task to command is in fact necessary- without the delegation of this function, it becomes extremely centralized and there is no share in decision making.  A manager coordinates everyone to the goals of the company and has control, meaning that he/she makes sure that people follow the rules and regulations while being aware of the fact that he/…

Love Triangles

In the realm of fanfiction writing, there could be the idea of love triangles.  I was reading through Chris X's planned Zyu2 fanfic (seriously I'm getting excited for it but I don't mind him serving the Blazblue niche) which would have the upcoming Geki/Burai/Mei love triangle which I think was inspired by the idea of a Jason/Tommy/Kimberly love triangle.  Maybe not.  But I have to think of ways of how love triangles can be written.  However in my mind rather than a dramatic one, I intend mine to be a funny love triangle.  So it could be hilarious if you have a love triangle between two girls, one is short, the other is tall for a 6'2 guy and like for instance my intended Mako/Addie/Takeru love triangle could be for major laughs because the two could enroll in culinary school, and Mako's cooking manages to improve but not the level of her actress Rin Takanashi (again, separating fiction from reality) and all.  The intended Wesley/Takeru/Addie on the other hand cou…

Ciara Hanna Hot

Apparently I'll be checking out Power Rangers Megaforce with excitement despite the fact I got neutral to neutard over Goseiger.  Then again, I can't deny I like both Super Sentai and Power Rangers (so I really DISLIKE that horrid fan fic Gokaiger vs. Samurai the original version), though I still like Super Sentai more than Power Rangers.  So well it could be a new obsession trend.  Hee hee.

The Wine or the Woman?

I just had my thoughts on this photo of Liu Yi Fei, I just wonder which will get me intoxicated first- the wine or the woman.  Being somebody who would drink a moderate amount of wine for an occasion I would say this hot chick would get be drunk first!

Not Exactly That Hot But I Could Be Now a Fan of Ciara Hanna

Okay I just thought of it that Power Rangers Megaforce has offered some girls who are hotter than that of Goseiger but not hotter than Rin Takanashi herself imo.  So I just saw the Megaforce cast and have to say she's not exactly that hot but I could be now a fan of Ciara Hanna, though I'm still liking Emma Roberts better.

A STUPID Application Letter to Be an Actor

A laborer after being scolded by his boss for his incompetence decided to resign and to become an actor to "get even" with his boss.  Now here's his application letter to the TV station he plans to be part of:

Dear GMA,  I am Patricio Bituin-isda I am very handsome, very skilled, very good singer and I would like to apply for the position of being an actor.  My preferred show would be an action one and I would like to be paired with Marian Rivera. Thank you. Love,
Seriously that's one letter I'd chew off and spit into the garbage can without hesitation!  I mean where's his real talent and audition, and even if he hasn't become an actor, he's ALREADY demanding for his lead role.  Sheesh!  And that's being hugely problematic that's contributing to much of why the Philippines spirals downward rapidly.