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Trying To Understand The Japanese Katana

There's always the mayhem about the Japanese katana to the point that it's exaggerated. After doing some research, Understanding the Japanese katana would at least help consider some of the misconceptions about the sword itself.

The process of steel folding

There is the myth that the folding the steel took up to a million times. That statement really made me go, "HUH?!" because I guess that's just pretty impossible. Folding of steel happened during the manufacturing process was because of lower quality steel back then. To make quality steel out of what was available, iron sand was purified for 72 hours straight to get rid of the slag and later, the tamahagane had uneven carbon content. It required heating and breaking to find which ones where harder steel (kawagane) and softer steel (shingane). The kawagane are all stacked together, they are covered in Japanese paper, muddy clay water and straw ash to help even out the carbon. The process of folding is done.

Classic Amy Jo Johnson As Kimberly Pictures For January 30, 2016

Well it's almost time for Valentine's Day and I feel like she deserves the Warrior of Love title...
Good thing Mako didn't get sick in the Decade/Shinkenger crossover

I feel like she's got more guts within than she looks

Satirical News: Alan Impurisima Slammed Yet Again During Mamasapano Case Reopening

After the Mamasapano Massacre case that led to the deaths of the SAF-44 was reopened a year after the incident, resigned Philippine National Patola Chief Alan Impurisima was slammed yet again. Further investigation had shown that Impurisima has had several other cases that need to be answered. Based on investigation and the guilty plead of Getulio Napunas, Impurisima still has much to account for.

"Just because he crucified himself on Good Friday last year doesn't absolve his offenses. There have been too many complaints about Impurisima aside from the SAF-44 trial. I don't really care what he says in the court. An advice and an order are the same in terms of legality. He has violated chain of command. When you are suspended, you don't show up for work." said Senator Judge Miriam Defensor Santiago on the reopening of the case.

Satirical News: Ed Boon Announces Mortal Kombat XL: Philippine Edition Coming Out Soon!

After President Nobita was suspended for his rather tactless statement on the cancellation of Mortal Kombat X for the last generation systems (PS3/XBox 360), Netherrealm Studios has announced yet another development for Mortal Kombat XL which will be exclusive to the Philippines. In an interview, Ed Boon of Mortal Kombat fame mentioned, "President Nobita deserved to be suspended from Playstation Network. I was not happy with the inability to downgrade Mortal Kombat X. By now, I guess last generation console gamers may have saved up so we have presented Mortal Kombat XL but we're carrying out Philippine Edition. I hope this game will teach the president to behave himself on Playstation Network."

Planning To Get A PS4 Already?

Getting the latest video game console is not in my top priorities because I don't need it. I'm getting sad over the Mighty No. 9 delay and many more. Just because I can afford a PS4 right now doesn't mean that I should grab it immediately. 
So Mortal Kombat X is getting a "komplete edition' though why name the upgraded disk into XL? This is not a shirt and even if you pre-order the game, still shouldn't it be called Mortal Kombat X: Komplete Edition instead? It's a good thing that the PS3/XBox 360 versions were cancelled and/or that I didn't immediately get a PS4 for just one game. The game may have some of its shortcomings but I'd like to see how I'd actually enjoy what's more or less a complete set.

Azim Rizk Endorses That Power Rangers Calendar

I still felt like laughing at this one considering how badly concluded Megaforce was... hehe. =P

Is There No Such Thing With Being Bad At Math?!

I might share this random view. While the speaker has some valid points like Math requires practice, I don't agree with everything he says. I don't agree that there's no such thing as being bad at Math or that there's no such thing as a Math person. I would like to really address that his "tons of study" argument might be based on biases like the leftists say, "We have tons of study to show protectionism works." even when it doesn't. 
Anybody can learn the basics in Math like the basics of Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus if they study hard. What needs to be noted is that not everyone can handle higher Mathematics but they can certainly achieve something with introductory Mathematics. It's just like my idiotic Math teacher before who's still stuck with teaching Elementary Mathematics even after two decades.

Which is funny considering he mentioned he wasn't that good in Math in this video which came before he said, "There'…

Sally Martin Picture For January 20, 2016

Here's Sally Martin eating a delicious, sumptuous lunch and she's looking pretty cute here for a 30 year old. Hmmm I wonder if she's getting married anytime soon.

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For January 18, 2016

That moment that the cute 15 year old blonde blossoms into a beautiful 20 year old blonde 
Hmmm she's starting to look like a sweet spy here

What May Have Caused Me To Be Attracted To Attractive White Girls?

If I'm hearing of white men looking for Asian beauties, why am I a yellow man looking for a white girl? I do find that funny in many levels. So what really started it? I can't say but I can talk about a few.

My first exposure to white girls was with Baywatch, no questions asked. I was pretty much in denial that I found Cassie Jean Parker attractive.

The statement that Kimberly Hart was every 90s first love might be too exaggerated but I can't deny that she was really, really pretty. The actress Amy Jo Johnson has been aging gracefully. This was yet another step to my white girl attraction.

This may have been a result of colonial mentality still stuck or not. I may be against bleaching my skin or dyeing my hair but I'd still think of one thing. I still think white skin, brown/blonde hair or brown/blue eyes make an attractive person more attractive than those of any East Asian woman of beauty. I just wonder why do some people tend to fall for people outside their color? …

The Moment I Think A Cover Version Of A Song Is Better Than The Acknowledged Source

Just because a song is a cover of a previously done song doesn't mean it's bad. There are several outcomes of the song so I could actually talk about some which came out good, just as good, better or worse. Some of them even come out with very different lyrics and meaning than the original song.

My favorite example is the fact that I like "Take Me To Your Heart' better than Jacky Cheung's "Kiss Goodbye" though we cannot deny

Jacky Cheung's song "Kiss Goodbye" is a tragic love song. I really love the tune associated with it. The song's title should tell us how sad the song is already. I'll admit he's done covers of Filipino songs like Ariel Rivera's "Sana Kahit Minsan" or roughly translated as, "Only If Sometimes". This guy has sung an English cover of the song "Corazon de Melao". 
Michael Learns to Rock's cover version of the song is pretty much a different song. Unlike Cheung's sad, sad…

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Picture For January 9, 2016

Here's a classical pretty picture for today... 

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Pictures For January 4, 2016

These pictures already make me feel old... 
Such a natural beauty...
That was way back in 1993...

A Lovely New Year With Victoria Justice

What can I say? She's been blooming well after her Nickelodeon girl years. =)

Gracie Dzienny Picture For June 4, 2016

Well here's Gracie Dzienny blooming as she approaches 21 years... she looks like what if Pamela Anderson had a daughter and the age gap makes her young enough to be the latter's daughter.

My Wild Dream Guests For Power Morphicon

As Power Morphicon approaches, here's a few guests that might make a good guesting have them dress up as certain characters.

It might be funny if Takashi Ukaji were asked to dress up as Haim Saban. They do look alike.

Yasuko Kobayashi would be a good guest at Power Morphicon considering that she and Judd Lynn tend to have a similar style in writing.

Satirical News: China Vows To Drop Spratlys Claims In Exchange That President Nobita And DOTC Secretary Pabaya Get Run Over By Chinese New Year!

In the midst of the conflict of China with the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan they have decided to give in one peaceful resolution. Many people who have grown paranoid with China due to the government's inaction in the Pacific Ocean, were partly relieved to hear the possibility of a "peaceful settlement" which will not require firearms. On the other hand, it will still require bloodshed where at least two people will be sacrificed to save the whole Philippines from total annihilation.

President Xi Jinping's message was translated from English to Mandarin saying, "To all Filipinos, I have decided that there is one condition that I would drop China' claim over Spratlys and the rest of Asia. But the one condition that we demand is that President Nobita Aquino and DOTC Secretary Joseph Pabaya will be run over a train on the even before February 8, 2016 or the Lunar New Year. The solar new year or January 1, 2016 has already come but there is still Chine…

The ToQGers Are Not Impressed After December 31, 2015

It's January 2, 2016 and after President Nobita and Joseph Pabaya said they'd allow themselves to be run over if the expressway from Baclaran to Bacoor wouldn't be completed, so why are they still alive? I just made this meme to express shock and outrage to how they made that statement and later, they failed to keep their word. The Palace covers it up by saying that what President Nobita said should not be taken literally.
So really, what's his next excuse assuming his express line can't be completed before his term ends?

Satirical News: Malacanang Palace Says Expressway Incompletion Is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's And Bongbong Marcos' Fault!

It is already January 1, 2015 and the due date for both President Nobita Aquino and DOTC Secretary Joseph Pabaya's supposed statement had come to pass. Last year, they have made a statement that if the expressway from Baclaran to Bacoor is not completed then they will definitely get run over by a train. Communication Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. now has released what might be an official statement.

Coloma released the statement saying, "President Nobita regrets that the expressway was not completed due to unforeseen circumstances so please do not expect him to get run over by a train. After careful investigation, DOTC Secretary Pabaya and I have come up with the conclusion that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo engineered a sabotage operation. Among those who had helped her carry out the sabotage was none other than Bongbong Marcos himself. Other people responsible for the sabotage of the operation that failed to fulfill President Nobita's promise has not yet been complied."