What May Have Caused Me To Be Attracted To Attractive White Girls?

If I'm hearing of white men looking for Asian beauties, why am I a yellow man looking for a white girl? I do find that funny in many levels. So what really started it? I can't say but I can talk about a few.

My first exposure to white girls was with Baywatch, no questions asked. I was pretty much in denial that I found Cassie Jean Parker attractive.

The statement that Kimberly Hart was every 90s first love might be too exaggerated but I can't deny that she was really, really pretty. The actress Amy Jo Johnson has been aging gracefully. This was yet another step to my white girl attraction.

This may have been a result of colonial mentality still stuck or not. I may be against bleaching my skin or dyeing my hair but I'd still think of one thing. I still think white skin, brown/blonde hair or brown/blue eyes make an attractive person more attractive than those of any East Asian woman of beauty. I just wonder why do some people tend to fall for people outside their color? Is it seeking for diversity or what? It's really not explainable at all.