The Moment I Think A Cover Version Of A Song Is Better Than The Acknowledged Source

Just because a song is a cover of a previously done song doesn't mean it's bad. There are several outcomes of the song so I could actually talk about some which came out good, just as good, better or worse. Some of them even come out with very different lyrics and meaning than the original song.

My favorite example is the fact that I like "Take Me To Your Heart' better than Jacky Cheung's "Kiss Goodbye" though we cannot deny

Jacky Cheung's song "Kiss Goodbye" is a tragic love song. I really love the tune associated with it. The song's title should tell us how sad the song is already. I'll admit he's done covers of Filipino songs like Ariel Rivera's "Sana Kahit Minsan" or roughly translated as, "Only If Sometimes". This guy has sung an English cover of the song "Corazon de Melao". 

Michael Learns to Rock's cover version of the song is pretty much a different song. Unlike Cheung's sad, sad song we hear a lighter song proposing to the girl. I prefer this version of the song for its better tone than the sad lyrics of Jacky Cheung.

Sometimes, a later rendition of an idea can be better or worse. When a cover version is terrible, it's not because it's a cover but it's because of a lack of quality.