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Pretty and Natural Victoria Justice

Well here's Victoria Justice with no make-up whatsoever.  Still looks really pretty.

Clash of the Titans Original vs. Remake

Well it's time to show how some remakes tend to be terrible when they are not maintained.  Now to compare the two version of Clash of the Titans with these analysis.  I have seen the original version and the remake.  Now for each one:

First I'd like to talk about the role of Perseus.  So far, both Perseuses don't cut down to mythological accuracy which is okay, as long as it's done right.  For me, Sam Worthington does make a good Perseus and so does Harry Hamlin.  However plotwise, the Perseus of the original from 1981 had a much better execution for me.  For 2010 version, I do like the fact he was able to figure out Zeus was his father but the whole event was that, the 1981 version just has the better execution and character development, also with the plot where Perseus stays the grandson of Acrisius rather than stepson, which sticks to the plot of where his mother Danae was thrown into the sea because his maternal grandfather was afraid of the prophecy of him rising …

Children are Cruel Trope... How It Could Work Into Writing!

If adults can be cruel, so can children.  Now here's what I thought...

There's that annoying Veruca Salt who might remind Rugrats fans of Angelica Pickles when she was still a toddler.  Just my thought, children can be so cruel to younger children or even to each other.  Talk about the stuck-up rich classmate of yours who is always bullying everybody around because of their status.  Sad but true, that really happens!

Though the kids don't have to be wealthy to be snotty... some kids can have less but still be snotty when their parents don't raise them well.  Just think of Santa Claus: The Movie where poor Joe (and in extension Cornelia) was bullied by kids when Santa Claus' presents broke down that year due to the extreme carelessness of Patch.  I just thought that I felt sorry for Joe and Cornelia in the film even if they weren't real characters.

Though we could exaggerate the spoiled brat status with an unguided kid who is now the leader of an evil organizati…

So You Wondered What the Ending of These Classic Games Were... Don't Bother!

Yup there were probably some 90s kids like I am who may have sucked at these loop games.  Here are a few examples of those games...

Pacman was one. Really I always wondered why this game never ended.  Answer is it NEVER had an end, you just needed to beat a high score!

Yi Ar Kung Fu by Konami for the NES was another.  The game had the main character Lee face off against five different characters and when the final boss is beaten, the difficulty raises up.  Man that sucks.

There was also the Popeye game which looped itself back when stage 3 was beaten.

Magmax had four stages whic repeated itself all over.  Despite the badass cover, the robot here almost shared resemblance to Grand Birth from Sharivan.

Yup those were the days when games were fond of repeating.  In the Tekken series, a ghost mode was later made for endless playthrough until the player chooses to quit by going to the menu.

Rhian Ramos Howell and Some Soup

Really pretty girl with a hot bowl of soup.

Apparently "Ka-Praningan" is What Many Pinoys Like

Apparently many Pinoys are proud of their bad values of being praning which means having an annoying sense of humor and loves to overact.  Just notice really how praning people can get so I guess it's only normal that many of them admire wrecking ball Miley or many others.  In fact, a lot of Pinoy programming are known for having all these to think about...

Yup you have to admit in the Philippines, the more praning people are, the more popular they tend to become.  Think about Kris Aquino and all her praning drama on TV or this...

In fact, it's pretty irritating to see people having the Wowowillie personality that is being praning to the max.  This guy is known to be very, very obnoxious and annoying.

And I guess it's very easy for many Pinoys to like most of American entertainment.  I don't hate American entertainment as a whole, I watch some American shows but my problem is that most of American TV programming is so filled with annoying people.  So maybe that's w…

Character Development: What I'm Trying to Learn

It's always been my guilty pleasure of not letting characters improve but I just thought that it's as bad as this...

Spongebob never passing his boating exam.  To be honest, he could snap anytime if he were a real person.

Which I just remembered about this kind of constructive criticism which went, "Please let your characters improve.  Letting them fall all over again just for the sake of laughs is silly and unnecessary."  That is, no matter how funny errors are, but character development is always appreciated.  I mean, for example workers do improve overtime when they are given the same set of tasks, can improve overtime until they grow too old for that job.  Pretty much, people bad with Mathematics if they struggle may not become masters of it, but hey they can still improve!

Ciara Hanna in Thailand

Well here's Ciara Hanna in Thailand, now only if more pictures of her are available.  

Victoria Justice and Breakfast

Well here's Victoria Justice and her breakfast like a boss.  XD

What Does It Mean to Call a Person a "Raccoon"?

Well there's been that calling a person a raccoon.  A mouse can mean a person is silent or plays when authorities are away.  Now for some real analysis of the raccoon...

Raccoons are portrayed to be mischievous creatures and are food thieves and can be real violent when agitated.  Well I did remember calling somebody a raccoon because she was not only quite short for her age, but also she was a food thief who ate my hamburger when I wasn't looking and two, she had a mischievous character who can get easily violent.

Kaoru Kamiya in Ruroui Kenshin is called a raccoon.  Well her character in Kenshin is that she is very temperamental in attitude like a raccoon easily mauls people that tease it.  Well Kaoru as a raccoon may also be because of those round eyes though she is relatively tall.

I guess I haven't figured out the answer to this yet.

Some Chinese Man, White Woman Marriage Pictures

Well I'm here to continue supporting Asian/Yellow marriages and other forms of intermarriages.  Ha ha.  I just love these photos!


Spongebob: Taking for the Worse?

Well here's reality that must be admitted- I discovered I still like Spongebob but the refusal to cancel the show or maybe at least to give character improvement has made the show run dry.  Here are a few examples...

Characters are granted no improvement, only getting worse.  In fact, I'll confess I'm starting to find post-movie Spongebob to be really annoying with their no character development side of the writers.  I can still watch old Spongebob, I can still wear a Spongebob T-shirt or enjoy the movie but Spongebob has gotten into no improvement at all zone which is bad for the character.  I mean, Spongebob still can't drive his boat, Squidward hasn't gotten any better, Patrick is still too stupid to be alive and maybe I'll just have to name Mr. Krabs and Plankton aren't getting any better.  Nothing really works and the post-movie series just negates every development that the movie presented and to the point, some scenes aren't funny like when Squi…

Vanessa Hessler Pictures I Found as of October 16, 2013

Well here's more of hotness redefined by "Venus' reincarnation", enjoy!

Ciara Hanna at McDonald's Thailand

From her Instagram account, here's another Ciara Hanna picture I found from that site.  Hmmm... pretty charming! XD

My Thoughts on Keiji Inafune Being Okay with Capcom Publishing Mighty No. 9

I really think this looks like a bad decision considering the fact Capcom's gone with so many bad decisions that practically undid their quality gaming for the past decade or so.  I mean, cancelling Megaman Legends 3 as so uncalled for and Capcom has bad quality gaming now.  Looking at it, here's what Inafune has to say that it's okay as long as it's in his favor.  True but I am not in for the reskinning.  I would want it to keep as it is Mighty No. 9.  However all I can say is Capcom PLEASE return Megaman Legends 3 project!!!!


Time Travel in Fiction Writing

Well time travel is something I believe that can't be done in real life, not everything can be accomplished by real life science and technology.  Now moving on with time travel in fiction writing... we know some bit of H.G. Wells who wrote the novel "The Time Machine" where the person went into the future.  There are also incidents of going back to the past as well.

Back to the Future was one of those time travel fiction I liked as a child.  In this one, they visited various eras and the cartoon series was made based on the three movies (non-canon to each other).  The whole premise was going back to the past to visit the eras meeting various ancestors and descendants.

There was the Time Squad cartoon where these people lived in a distant future where the timeline was frequently interrupted for some reason and they had to go back and correct time like turn Edgar Allan Poe back to being dark, turning Atilla the Hun back to being a conqueror and all that.  A silly series bu…

Are Many Filipinos Making Heroes Out of the WRONG PEOPLE?!


Realization to Realization About My First Crush...

Well I was now thinking as my first crush is now engaged to an American, my thoughts have recurred it was all but being too young and two... I was merely after her for money that her family had.  Well she wasn't an only daughter or anything, it was more an alliance I was trying to get some money.

I'll just have to be honest with myself that I was more or less attracted to some Spanish girl and not my first crush all the more.  But some stupid traditions forbade any attractions like that so I was inclined to go after my first crush.  Which was really something, I was lying to myself all along and now I'm glad she's getting married to her American fiance.  Meanwhile, it pains me to think I have become too picky. =(

Vanessa Hessler Pictures I Found as of October 4, 2013

Well here's more of Vanessa Hessler hotness added...