Clash of the Titans Original vs. Remake

Well it's time to show how some remakes tend to be terrible when they are not maintained.  Now to compare the two version of Clash of the Titans with these analysis.  I have seen the original version and the remake.  Now for each one:

First I'd like to talk about the role of Perseus.  So far, both Perseuses don't cut down to mythological accuracy which is okay, as long as it's done right.  For me, Sam Worthington does make a good Perseus and so does Harry Hamlin.  However plotwise, the Perseus of the original from 1981 had a much better execution for me.  For 2010 version, I do like the fact he was able to figure out Zeus was his father but the whole event was that, the 1981 version just has the better execution and character development, also with the plot where Perseus stays the grandson of Acrisius rather than stepson, which sticks to the plot of where his mother Danae was thrown into the sea because his maternal grandfather was afraid of the prophecy of him rising up to kill him.  Zeus then gets mad and destroys Argos ruthlessly.

For Princess Andromeda, I really prefer the version of Jodi Bowker compared to that of Alexa Davalos.  My point?  Well certainly the Queen Cassiopeia when she bragged that Andromeda was fairer than Thetis (Maggie Smith), it was true.  For me, Alexa Davalos is not all that hot to me.  Also in terms of execution, Jodi Bowker's version manages to convince us she is a damsel in distress while being able to stand up to the bullying done by her former lover Calibos.

Lawrence Oliver's Zeus for me is the best Zeus ever done, he even could have been Zeus in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys!  Liam Neeson, well I don't like how this Zeus was done seeing he doesn't even look like an Olympian.  For me, if Lawrence Oliver isn't available for the remake, I think Anthony Quinn who played Zeus in the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys TV series would have sufficed!

For the whole Graie, I still prefer the 1981 version because the remake version is JUST STUPIDLY DESIGNED.

And last, the villain Calibos.  In the 1981 version, Calibos had a deeper storyline.  The original version of Calibos had him as the son of the goddess Thetis and because his mother spoiled him, he became so wicked that Zeus deformed him into an ugly creature.  In fact, the original Calibos' lust for Andromeda adds to why he's gone so crazy, I mean that kind of lust exists in real life among men.  In the remake version, I find the Calibos as Perseus' stepfather plot not so well done and takes away the conflict that should be there.

Thetis vs. Hades- In terms of villainy, neither of them are really villains in their respective myths plus Thetis never had a son named Calibos as the character I just mentioned is an original character.  For me the whole Thetis as a villain was done better seeing she is the son of Calibos and how she has brought real conflict with plaguing Joppa that if her son Calibos can't marry the princess, nobody can which shows she is one badass woman plus the fact she is so involved, makes her more interesting.  For me, Hades in the remake is nothing more than an envious god who aside from poor adaptation, is really pissing me off and he doesn't really provide that much drama, just some surface aesthetics for me.

Overall, the remake was really that bad I'd not recommend it over the original.