Spongebob: Taking for the Worse?

Well here's reality that must be admitted- I discovered I still like Spongebob but the refusal to cancel the show or maybe at least to give character improvement has made the show run dry.  Here are a few examples...

Characters are granted no improvement, only getting worse.  In fact, I'll confess I'm starting to find post-movie Spongebob to be really annoying with their no character development side of the writers.  I can still watch old Spongebob, I can still wear a Spongebob T-shirt or enjoy the movie but Spongebob has gotten into no improvement at all zone which is bad for the character.  I mean, Spongebob still can't drive his boat, Squidward hasn't gotten any better, Patrick is still too stupid to be alive and maybe I'll just have to name Mr. Krabs and Plankton aren't getting any better.  Nothing really works and the post-movie series just negates every development that the movie presented and to the point, some scenes aren't funny like when Squiward plucked his hair that hard it ripped some of his skin. =(

Gags are getting too old and are mostly torturing the characters.  I would admit while it was funny to have Spongebob fail his driving exam all over again BUT it was basically becoming torture to him.  What happened to the time when Spongebob drove the Patty Mobile right?  The writers just kept torturing Spongebob.  In fact, one episode called "Demolition Doofus" had even turned Mrs. Puff evil because of bad writing.  Well fortunately in Super Sentai x Nickelodeon and Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon, I made Mrs. Puff back to what she really was- a kindhearted boating instructor who guided the Go-ongers and Spongebob.

Another is the Krabs vs. Plankton thing.  Seriously it's getting old with them still fighting or two, wasn't Plankton supposedly defeated in the movie?  After the movie, Mr. Krabs just gets all the worse with his being a cheapskate.

All these stuff made me do this in Super Sentai x Nickelodeon: The Delusional Crossover and Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon, I made Spongebob pass his driving exam, drive well and even help the Go-ongers.  But the same time, I had Mr. Krabs and Plankton bite the dust with Karen and Pearl to end all the unnecessary torture they have to pass through.  To be honest, I can rewatch classic Spongebob but as of late, sad to say Spongebob is taking a turn for the worse.