Time Travel in Fiction Writing

Well time travel is something I believe that can't be done in real life, not everything can be accomplished by real life science and technology.  Now moving on with time travel in fiction writing... we know some bit of H.G. Wells who wrote the novel "The Time Machine" where the person went into the future.  There are also incidents of going back to the past as well.

Back to the Future was one of those time travel fiction I liked as a child.  In this one, they visited various eras and the cartoon series was made based on the three movies (non-canon to each other).  The whole premise was going back to the past to visit the eras meeting various ancestors and descendants.

There was the Time Squad cartoon where these people lived in a distant future where the timeline was frequently interrupted for some reason and they had to go back and correct time like turn Edgar Allan Poe back to being dark, turning Atilla the Hun back to being a conqueror and all that.  A silly series but somewhat educational.

Well Tokusatsu did have some time travel and there were some of them, having few episodes of time travel resulting to awkward attractions.  In Liveman, Jou fell for a girl from the future.  In Maskman, Red Mask met his past self with his teammates.  Timeranger took time travel to the point where they traveled 1,000 years to meet a man in the present who became their red ranger in Tatsuya.  Time Force ended up having a love triangle across time that was between Alex and his ancestor Wes for Jen (weird).  Also, you might consider that doing certain actions in the past can affect the future like it changed the way Ryuya died, it revived Yuri's parents and maybe you can consider also on Spielban where a reset button ending happened (since they defeated Wahrer in the past so the events were negated and they saw Wahrer fortress back in their future) and also in Ryuki though the former kept character development in contrast of Ryuki's first ending.

Time travel could create time paradoxes.  In OOO I was pretty much WTFed at the events when one of the children from the future got stuck in the timeline of the first Kamen Rider, settled there and even sired a kid so yeah, how's the family tree now?!  Also in Timeranger, Domon sired a child 1,000 years in the past which is another time paradox.  Or consider in X-Men, we have the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor... after being sent into the Askani's future, he returned in time several times older than his parents.  In fact, he even returned in time interfering with some events before he was supposedly born.  After defeating Apocalypse in the present, he is stranded in his past which really is well awkward... how is he now going to live in a world where he's older than his parents?!  Baffle... baffle...!