Children are Cruel Trope... How It Could Work Into Writing!

If adults can be cruel, so can children.  Now here's what I thought...

There's that annoying Veruca Salt who might remind Rugrats fans of Angelica Pickles when she was still a toddler.  Just my thought, children can be so cruel to younger children or even to each other.  Talk about the stuck-up rich classmate of yours who is always bullying everybody around because of their status.  Sad but true, that really happens!

Though the kids don't have to be wealthy to be snotty... some kids can have less but still be snotty when their parents don't raise them well.  Just think of Santa Claus: The Movie where poor Joe (and in extension Cornelia) was bullied by kids when Santa Claus' presents broke down that year due to the extreme carelessness of Patch.  I just thought that I felt sorry for Joe and Cornelia in the film even if they weren't real characters.

Though we could exaggerate the spoiled brat status with an unguided kid who is now the leader of an evil organization, though that's exactly foolish considering that children villains are fickle and might be scaredy cats but, in Tropic Thunder you get Tran written in!  I just thought while it's a coincidence with Jetman's Tran, this kid didn't need to accelerate into an adult to show how much of an S.O.B. he is.