Are Many Filipinos Making Heroes Out of the WRONG PEOPLE?!

Like it or not, many Filipinos tend to make heroes out of the wrong people.  Just a thought, it's been some time since Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. was cited for minor contempt for covering his ears in the courtroom but problem is, many Filipinos can be one-sided.  I would agree detaining him would have been too much but to call him a hero, I don't know how to react to that but I could call it plain stupidity.  As said, it was good for him to actually make a stand about Miriam's bad temper but, at the same time the prosecution panel deserved the scathing remarks she made.  Bar exam results are not important here, in fact, some bar top notchers in Filipino law history tend to be really stupid when it comes to their profession.  Just because you have a higher bar rating does not give you the right to be incompetent.  Now for more lessons to learn:

I could start with something as small as the problem of Filipinos who are having the wrong type of pride.  It was so stupid how some OFWs tend to lie they were victims of racial discrimination against Filipinos even when their chastising or removal was done because they did something wrong.  While it's definitely wrong tio mistreat a Filipino worker for being Filipino but a lazy worker ought to be removed regardless of race.  Really how stupid can some Filipinos be to think that an OFW got kicked out with racism as the reason even when all the track records prove they did something that merited their dismissal like sleeping on the job, attitude problem, dishonesty and the list can go on?  And what happens is that the OFW Juan Tamad is hailed a hero together with competent OFWs.  Isn't that rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent?  It's also absurd how pseudo-nationalism has made heroes out of people who are always late, have lots of absences, a range of excuses, etc. as nationalistic?  Puh-lease!

It's been some time since the hostage crisis done by the late Rolando Mendoza.  My issue with this is that, how can some people even consider him a hero when I mean, take a GOOD LOOK at what he did.  He started that stupid Manila Hostage Crisis, I could care less what kind of people were in the bus, I could care more if there were people inside that bus and the lives that were taken.  Really, giving him an honorable funeral?  What in the world is going on?  I was really amazed at how stupid the Filipino police were in their dealings against the awful hostage crisis of Rolando Mendoza.  The Chinese government had every right to get angry (though kicking out Filipino maids who have done nothing wrong is uncalled her).  For me, how pathetic are those people who called the late hostage taker a hero!

With a bit of a backtrack, I could NOT forget the stupidity of making that Flor Contempacion story movie.  This isn't a call to deport Filipino maids from their workplaces but rather, a call to every Filipino who fail to realize that guilty Filipinos have hurt even their own kind in the process.  They forget Delia Maga was too a victim.  Just some facts, the Singaporean trial courts are far more rigid in their investigation processes compared to the Philippines (where until now the stupid Vizconde case is still not solved).  You might as well consider these facts about Flor's children- Flor's eldest son Sandrex was imprisoned for drug pushing, her twin sons Joel and Jun Jun were imprisoned for drug peddling.  Injustice?  No.  A guilty Pinoy is just as guilty as every guilty person.  In fact, I would even say that the Flor Contemplacion movie has a lot of fabrications in it!And later, we have the Filipino government trying to negotiate to spare GUILTY Pinoys.  You can read more from murderpedia about Flor Contemplacion. 

Really wake up Filipinos, this is a real wake-up message!


  1. Hmm, what if it's because our government is made up of criminals which is why it's no surprise they too laud criminals...? :P

    And again, who placed these criminals in power in the first place...?


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