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Satirical News: Philippine President Nobita and Vice President Jejemon Binay Barred from Entering China Until Term is Over

After locking up the Pinoy Pridists that caused trouble in Shenzhen and Xiamen, China had decided to ban Philippine President Nobita and Philippine Vice President Jejemon Binay from entering their country until their term is over. President Hu Jintao and Chief Justice Zhou Qiang both agreed on that. The reason was stated was because of President Jejemon Binay's bad habit of asking amnesty for guilty Filipinos who deserved to be executed in China.

"Every time Nobita or Jejemon comes here, they always comes here to plead for the lives of guilty Filipino OFWs who were caught doing criminal acts worthy of death. If we do that when a Chinese commits a crime in other countries and we bring them back, we are bringing back the garbage to our country. They are doing the same to theirs. Why we are executing the Pinoy drug mules is not because we hate Filipinos but because we uphold the law. When a Chinese commits a crime, he is just as guilty as everybody else. In fact, until their te…

Super Sentai and Power Rangers: For Better or For Worse

I was thinking of how Super Sentai started and then came Power Rangers.  This is just an iffy post so I'm writing it here and not in my Super Sentai blog.  Now for my iffy analysis:

Pre-Zyuranger era: 

Super Sentai didn't have much of those restrictions and were usually more violent especially the Hirohisa Soda era.  You might consider Goranger had an unusually violent premiere episode or JAKQ had some issues of drug use.  In this era we lost these Sentai warriors to death namely Daigorou/Kiranger II, Kensaku Shiraishi/Battle Cossack I, Mika Koizumi/Yellow Four I (though it was because Yuki Yajima unprofessionally left the set) and not to mention Gai Yuki's rather lame death.

For me this was the era of where stories were pretty intense especially the Hirohisa Soda era starting with Changeman.  Kunio Fuji who sadly never became a head writer was also responsible for introducing intense stories int many of Soda's works.

90s era Sentai and PR:

During this era, we are intr…

Ciara Hanna Pictures for January 30, 2014

Well here's some pictures to think are teasing my mind...
Oh wow... massive jealousy from fanboys and fangirls here... just fooling around or are they now a couple? 
Not  much of a Christina Masterson fan but this picture makes me melt...

Satirical News: Some Pinoy Pridists Celebrate Bitayin/Non-Credo/Violationa Day in China Only to Get Suppressed by Chinese Army!

If the Plor Kontemplasyon incident was not enough, some Pinoy pridists have been caught guilty and in the act of starting trouble in China just this morning in Xiamen where Non-Credo was executed and in Shenzhen were Bitayin and Violationa were executed.  It was reported that the incident in China was caused by some Pinoy protesters who were caught vandalizing various sites in China under the guise of being tourists writing, "DEATH TO ALL CHINESE" in Tagalog in various places.  However the Chinese police force in the assigned areas arrested them and locked them up in jail.

Another incident in Shenzhen was involved namely Rolbobo Morona who led the Pinoy Pride army and he was a member of Bobo Muna who is the brother of Rolando Morona who is currently detained in Singapore after causing trouble last March 17, 2014.  Rolbobo Morona attempted to take a bus of Chinese hostage to finish what the late Ronaldo Murderza failed to finish.  However as he tried to attack the bus demandi…

Just Started Tekken Tag 2 Today!

Well I'm trying to get my research a head start and after that, I bought Tekken Tag 2.  So yeah, I have to discipline myself with that game to play it only during weekends and not during the time I'm making my research.

Now for my progress: I had finished the game as Jin Kazama, Jun Kazama, Kazuya Mishima and Nina Williams.  I just had a thought I'm glad that stupid Scenario Campaign to get the endings is gone.  I also am trying to try out the Combot sidequest to which can be annoying.  I am trying to learn the punisher moves and use them.  Punisher moves are pretty cool actually.

A Few Thoughts on Getting a Relationship with a White Woman

So I want to marry a Western woman... and I guess I need to consider all that could go on.  In my case, I was having my thoughts on migrating to the West.  I'll need to get a job secure and all then of course, thinking of the Western standard.  Some things to keep in mind about cultural differences, maybe even biology.  I had my thoughts on whether or not it might be feasible to marry a white girl.  One could consider a conflict of culture, yet change happens.  It can really happen between an Chinese guy and American girl marriage but some of them work better than some American/American or Chinese/Chinese marriages.  But I'd work on marrying a civilian over a celebrity.  An examination of the West can be necessary of its values.  I was thinking of that what white people are in different areas like culture and values.  But these days, Chinese have started to become more liberal.

But as far as concerned, I have met at least three half-whites namely a Rin Takanashi lookalike, a P…

Some Factors in People I Think Affect the Degrees of Liking Tokusatsu

Tokusatsu fans may have these factors in liking certain seasons...

Cultural reasons.  Power Rangers was created for America out of Super Sentai due to cultural reasons and Toei got that right.  Some Super Sentai/Power Rangers fans may like one better than the other because of culture.  For one, I like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers for cultural reasons.  However this isn't always true.  Some American fans may actually like Super Sentai better but that's a rare find.

Gender.  It can play a contribution in liking of liking certain Tokusatsu, I think gender plays a role in preferences.  Super Sentai may appeal to female audiences because of the females who are actively involved as warriors and two, I can credit the storytelling style (I believe more readers are women than men).  In Kamen Rider during the Showa era, we had Human Tackle but women allies were almost just as uninvolved in the hero's struggles with the male allies.  In Black RX were are introduced to Yoko…

Making Beauty and the Beast in a Different Twist?

Here's my idea of how to "break" the mold of Beauty and the Beast.  Maybe we just need to start removing the supernatural or science fiction, maybe just focus on reality.  My idea is where the girl isn't your character like Belle inside out- she is Belle personality-wise but an average looking girl who can stand against bullies which despite her lack of attraction, caught her the most unwanted suitor of all- the leading guy.  The "Beast" is handsome on the outside but starts off with a bad character, but he is no Gaston, he doesn't flaunt about his appearance but he fools around with girls (because of something in his past).  When he runs into the Belle of the story, he starts to be attracted to her inner goodness though he teases her several times, he finds himself falling for her inner goodness as the inner beast is killed.  Well this is where things rise- true beauty comes from within.  On the other hand, the "Beast" aware of his true feel…

Ciara Hanna and Fries...

Well here's Ciara Hanna and some fries.  She really looks gorgeous here, hee hee!

So My Real First Crush Turned 30 and Still Single?

I was thinking about my real first crush was probably not the kind of girl you find all the time- pretty, smart, sexy... a real life Mary Sue?  I dunno. I was thinking maybe most guys don't have my preferences of geeky smart girls (like my crush in the past who resembles Sayuri Uchida) and may prefer the empty headed ones (bad choice, bad choice...) which leads to bad choices.  With her love for books and everything, I guess most guys can't stand her.  On the other hand, I was wondering if I am really the one for her. =P

Pinoy Pridists Can't Handle Constructive Criticism Can They?

Criticism is good or bad depending on how you use it.  But one trait of Pinoys is that they can't handle criticism at all.  Criticism is defined as a practice of judging the merits of faults of someone in an intelligent or articulate way hence it is from the word critic.  One may want to remember the incident of Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. who probably thought his 85% board rating and consistent honor students made him exempt from listening to Miriam's lecture when she berated the  prosecution panel because of how lousy they were in handling the cases.  While I do agree with him Miriam needs to lower down her voice and tone down her anger, but what he did was inexcusable.

For one, he could have just raised his hand and said he wanted to go out.  One thing is certain, the prosecutors were all idiots to think they can win with so little evidence and had the high confidence they had, proved just how stupid Pinoy pride is.  In fact, Aguirre's half-hearted apology when he said he do…

Satirical News: Toady Casino Reveals Reasons for Proposing 99/1 Ownership of Foreign Businesses!

As if Toady Casino was not getting any dumber.  After his Pinoy Pride bill, his anti-Chinese bill and anti-American bill were submitted and now the Pinoy Entertainment Protection bill, he has revealed why he wants a 99% ownership for Filipinos and 1% ownership for foreigners to revise the 60/40 policy.  The Philippines' 60/40 policy is said to be too much for the Filipino economy and that, it hinders progress but no, not for Toady Casino.  Toady Casino now reveals his reasons why the Pinoy Pride Bill adheres to a 99/1 policy which even Miriam Defensor Santiago who still favors 60/40 (which is safer but semi-closed) over Toady Casino's latest proposal for a 99/1 ownership between Filipinos and foreigners.

"I can't stand it anymore how Pinoy made businesses are falling down to people who are not of Filipino blood.  It was even a mistake in the first place by the 1935 constitution and earlier to even allow Chinese and Spanish to migrate here!  Even right now a Chinese m…

Satirical News: Atty. Violationo Arrogante Jr. Goes to Singapore to Plead for Rolando Morona and Friends, Only to Get Humiliated!

Infamous lawyer Atty. Violationo Arrogante Jr. who was here and there disrespectful to the committee at the Senate after they politely listened to what he had to say, now made a fool out of himself in Singapore after asking for the appeal of Rolando Morona.  He was the lawyer of Hambog Webb in the past.  He went to Singapore in order to plead for Rolando Morona and his accomplices to set them free.  This was far worse than what he did to feisty Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

While in Singapore, Atty. Arrogante went to plead for the release of Rolando Morona who previously was caught with his gang of Pinoy pridists for causing trouble last March 17, 2014.  However Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong again declined because it was a lawful arrest.  After being lectured and told why the Singaporean government would not do it, Atty. Arrogante covered his ears yet again.  This time Atty. Arrogante said, "Well I beg you to give respect to OPWs who are working abroad to get better living.&qu…

Why Pinoy Pridists Hate Miriam Santiago!

Miriam Defensor Santiago is what I'd call probably one of Pinoy pride's worst enemies ever and you can see it whenever she drives a point, angry or not.  What can be seen is that she's a temperamental person yet makes more sense than most politicians like though she went overboard with scolding the prosecution BUT she had to do it because they were very unprepared!  You might say, "Oh she's a big bully." but mind you, she is one of those who are opposed to the current cybercrime law's "libel clause" which proves she isn't like Tito Stupid and proposed for revision.

For the Pinoy pridist, they are the best and maybe I can put Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. there.  I mean, I still think his apology is half-baked when he said he doesn't regret covering his ears during that time and he still thinks he's the "victim" when in reality, he sparked the whole conflict himself.  If you think about it, covering your ears during a lecture is ju…

Satirical News: Filipino-Chinese Business Couple Eugene and Felice Lin Opens "Golden Dragon Native Restaurant", Bobo Muna Members Protest Yet Again!

Eugene Lin and his wife Felice (a Filipino-Spanish) had opened a new restaurant in Makati that has become a hit to tourists who want to taste genuine Filipino food.  The restaurant was called "Golden Dragon Native Restaurant" which has begun to serve fabulous foods such as balbacua, crispy pata, dinuguan and sisig to name a few.  In a matter of a months, the carenderias in different areas of Manila failed namely the Kainan ni Plor Kontemplasyon, the Bobo Muna Carenderia and other low quality carenderias were put out of business because of the high quality Filipino food that was served.

Various food critics came to the restaurant to examine it.  It was noted for its unique combination of old and new architecture, its spacious dining halls, punctuality, affordable food at reasonable prices and many more which have satisfied the customers in no time at all.  Even some foreigners began to enjoy good Filipino food.  American blogger known as Alex Fantasy commented that the place…

Satirical News: Toady Casino Proposes Pinoy Entertainment Protection Act

After hours of writing the Pinoy Pride Bill, the Anti-Chinese Bill and the Anti-American Bill, Toady Casino has proposed the "Pinoy Entertainment Protection Act" which he supports the sore loser Original Pinoy Music industry not the Filipino music industry.  Toady Casino known for his extreme nationalism has not surprisingly given a new proposal to "protect" the Pinoy artists.

"Pinoy music is the greatest in the world.  After all the nightingale of Asia, Regine Velasquez is a Filipino, Lea Salonga is a Filipino.  However Lea Salonga must be boycotted because she married a Chinese and Chinese are enemies to Pinoys.  If we are to save the Pinoy entertainment industry then I am in favor that the bill to request foreign performers to pay money to make up for the damage they did to our industry!  Ours is the best in the world and we need no foreign intervention.  Our local dramas are the best in the world, it must e made worldwide to let people know Pinoys are the…

A Nice Taiwanese Aboriginal Dance

Ethnic costumes do kinda attract me and well, glad that ethnic dances can still be enjoyed in the modern age but in a modern way.  Though it would feel more "genuine" to go to Mt. Alisan to see these dances since that's the place where the aborigines though faced by modernization, managed to mix the old and the new in such an amazing way.

Satirical News: Toady Casino Also Proposes Anti-American Bill

If you think Toady Casino is only against Chinese, think again.  This time, he has also proposed the "Anti-American" bill where he has gone beyond Quezon's quote of desire of independence for the Philippines.  The Anti-American bill was written after a KFC Restaurant managed to put way the business of incompetent carenderias aside from the arrival of Filipino-Chinese eateries.

"We have enough of Americanization!  Imperialist bullies!  The Pinoy Pride Empire will shine like the sun.  OFWs will be the instruments to make the Philippines into the ruling capital and only Pinoys will rule the world.  Soon Tagalog will be the universal language!" said Toady Casino.  To support Toady Casino, Bobo Muna members have gathered for the big Anti-American rally like they always do.  After America agreed to help the Philippines beat off China's bullying, Toady Casino said, "Bah we don't need American help!  We have all our bangkas and spears to fight the bullying…

Satirical News: Toady Casino Proposes Anti-Chinese Bill!

Bobo Muna leader Toady Casino now passes a new bill called the "Anti-Chinese Bill" to which he espouses Rolando Murderza as a hero.  He writes the bill hoping to save the Pinoy race in the name of protectionism and to protect Pinoy businesses from competition that could obliterate them.

"The Philippines for the Filipinos, we Filipinos are frequently oppressed by the Chinese businessmen that come here!  We are threatened by the likes of Henry Sy and Tony Tancaktiong.  After all, Marcos was a Chinese by blood president and any more Chinese in politics will ruin us for sure with their Maoist dictatorship!  That's why I am proposing to remove Jose Rizal as the national hero of the Philippines because he was Chinese by blood and to replace him with a more honorable figure such as Rolando Murderza.  The Philippines lost three valiant heroes namely Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa in China as well as 19 years ago, to Singapore when Flor Contemplacio…

Satirical News: "Violationa, Non-Credo and Bitayin Day" Preparations are ON THE WAY!

Members of Bobo Muna and Migraine International have all rallied for the amnesty of Rolando Morona and his fellow Pinoy pridists who are currently detained in Changgi Prison.  Although Rolando Morona has been given a lighter sentence considering the amount of damage he did would not merit death, but one must not deny that he will still serve a 37 months prison sentence because he was the leader of the whole incident.  Now in preparation for March 30, 2014 some Pinoy pridist movements like the Bobo Muna, Migraine International and Anak ng Bobo are preparing to celebrate "Violationa, Non-Credo and Bitayin Day" in honor of the three drug mules Sally Violationa, Ramon Non-Credo and Elizabeth Bitayin.

Toady Casino of Bobo Muna said in Tagalog, "We cannot allow this action to go unpunished!  Rolando Morona's actions for attempting to kill the bus full of Chinese to save the Pinoy race must be done!  Unlike other countries, we the Philippines will continue to plead for our…

A Japanese Media Fan's Possible First Impression on Contemporary Chinese Drama Screenshots!

Well otakus and weibos (or whatever) would probably still be liking Japanese media but maybe out of an open mind tries to check out the Chinese craze.

This reminded me of my first impression of the F4 boyband.  Although F4 right now is dispersed due to Vic Chou's new career similar to Qin Han's younger days in Taiwan TV, Jerry Yan more or less now heading there (and he kinda resembles senior actor Qin Han) and well Vanness Wu's just gotten married but I can't deny the impact they made.  At first, I thought they were a Japanese boyband and I bought their CD thinking it was Japanese.  Ha ha, I was very much trolled there because when I listened to it, it was in MANDARIN!  Ha ha!  And of course, I thought Meteor Garden was J-Drama at first until I saw it was in TAIWAN!  Hee hee!  Besides, what's with F4 and them imitating the otaku hair back then?

I guess this picture of Vic Chou and Erika Toda (Vic Chou here is paired WITH Janine Chang, not Erika Toda but I'd li…

Ciara Hanna Picture for March 19, 2014

Well here's Ciara Hanna with a Nick pose.  So just my thought, I guess she'll leave Nickelodeon as soon as Power Rangers Super Megaforce is over and it'll be graduation time for her.  

Satirical News: March 30 Holiday Bill Passed by Tongress to Honor The Three Drug Mules Executed in China!

March 30, 2011 was the fateful day when three Pinoy drug mules were executed and they were namely Sally Violationa, Ramon Non-Credo and Elizabeth Bitayin.  March is a controversial month for Pinoys as they celebrated Plor Kontemplasyon Day last 17th of the month which is now passed in Tongress for a national holiday act as well as the three drug mules.  Bobo Muna representatives in the Tongress are declaring that they will do anything to avenge the deaths of the three drug mules that Philippine Vice President, Jejemon Binay has failed to rescue despite his attempts.

Bobo Muna member Rep. Toady Casino said, "We must fight for the liberation of the oppressed Filipinos abroad.  We cannot afford to keep the people abroad from oppressing us!  How many more will become like Plor Kontemplasyon!  Those oppressive Chinese countries will continue their hunt and they will hunt all Pinoys down because they are jealous that we are the number one race!"  After saying those statements, Re…

Satirical News: After Gaim Showed Manila's Garbage Dump, Pinoy Pridists React Angrily!

In episode 22 of Kamen Rider Gaim, Manila made a cameo showing the dirty garbage dump in Manila (in a cameo), Pinoy pridists react!  In fact, Tongressman Loko Atienza who proposed to ban the airing of foreign telenovelas rather than regulate them got mad again.  Pinoy pridists are outraged and demanded Kamen Rider be banned from ever being shown after being butthurt.  Tongressman Loko Atienza also planned to ban Kamen Rider as well and everything else related to Toei to prevent them from ever entering the Philippines to give priority to crap Pinoy television.

"We can't allow nations to disgrace the Philippines like this!  This is our paradise!" replied outrage Pinoy pridist Waldas Kalat.  He was outraged and decided to support Tongressman Loko Atienza.  He was known to be a diehard Pinoy pridist who was in favor of Pinoy dramas, banning all of what he called "garbage" but forcing foreigners to watch their local trash.  Worse, he was also in favor of removal o…

Satirical News: Singapore Directly Says "No" to Amnesty Request from Philippine Vice President Jejemon Binay for Pinoy Pridists!

After some negotiation process, Philippine Vice President Jejemon Binay was slammed and humiliated when the Singaporean authorities refused to release the Pinoy pridists that vandalized Singapore yesterday on the death anniversary of Plor Kontemplasyon.  Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, Chief Justice in Singapore denied any amnesty as requested by Jejemon Binay with the approval of Lee Hsien Loong that none of the Pinoy pridists will be given any amnesty.

Chief Justice Chan said, "Why do Pinoys think that they are a special race?  They want to free guilty Pinoys yet punish guilty foreigners.  In Singapore, if our citizen fouls up in another country, we do not plead for amnesty.  There are Singaporean criminals who our state had failed to capture but were thankfully taken care off in other countries.  If our government pleaded for their return, just imagine how many more crimes they will do in our country and if we grant amnesty for guilty foreigners, think of what crimes they will d…

Happy 30th Birthday to My Real First Crush!

Well it's time for me to move on aside from the fact that my ex-girlfriend got engaged already so one less burden to think about it, it's the 30th birthday of my real first crush.  Well it's a milestone for her.  Actually she was late one year in school and she's a year older, nothing wrong there.  I mean some older women/younger man relationships can work I mean it's just an older sister thing, not a mother figure like our former manservant who dated a woman 24 years his senior which is as odd as the reverse.

Satirical News: Pinoy Pridists Celebrate Plor Kontemplasyon Day in Singapore Only to Get Arrested for Vandalism!

Today is known as the death anniversary of Plor Kontemplasyon who was executed last March 17, 1995 and now it's 2014, nearly 20 years.  For the 19 years of the execution of the "Joan of Arc" of Pinoy pride namely Plor Kontemplasyon, some Pinoy pridists went to Singapore.  These were members of the Bobo Muna group who wanted to attack Singapore's government for boycotting bad Filipino products now called as Pinoy products.  It was even funny how the Pinoy pridists arrived to Singapore by a Filipino fisherman's boat which was a mystery how they even arrived.

The morning in Singapore awakened in chaos.  Pinoy pridists appeared carrying spray paint vandalizing walls everywhere with signs saying "Justice for Plor Kontemplasyon" and other related stuff.  At the same time in Manila in Rizal Park, they were all saying, "DEATH TO ALL CHINESE!  CELEBRATE MURDERZA'S HEROISM!" while others played Nora Aunor's Plor Kontemplasyon movie and then sing…

Pinoys Should Stop Relying (Then Putting the Blame) on President Nobita (or Any Official) For Their Miserable Conditions

I personally am not a fan of President Nobita but Pinoys usually have no one but themselves to blame for the poverty they suffer.  After all, while the Philippines is certainly a developing country but it's not as bad as those poverty-stricken third world countries where lawlessness is much worse.  I know President Nobita is ampaw and all but he's not entirely to blame.  In fact, no matter how good a president is, poverty has become a very personal issue except in countries where tyranny is too sky high.

So why can I say this?

There are Filipinos who succeed in spite of the bad condition of the country.  Talk about Michael Christian Martinez whose hard work I salute.  Then you can talk about other successful Filipinos like Henry Sy of SM, Tony Tancaktiong of Jollibee, Manuel Pages of Mooon Cafe and Leondro Locsin.  Well problem is Pinoys tend to hate Filipinos who are Chinese by blood ignoring the fact that a Filipino is anybody who pledges allegiance to the Philippines.  Eve…

Some Interesting Tourist Spots at Hong Kong

Stopping first at Hong Kong before going to China, I would say Hong Kong actually feels better than Singapore for a tourist destination or maybe it's because I got reconnected to my Cantonese roots.

Here's a few things to check out if you are going there.

If a Tokusatsu fan goes to Akihabara (which I hope to visit soon) this is my "holy ground" and this place is Tsim Sha Tsui.  Well I haven't visited any of the studios (and I respect their off-limits sign) BUT this is where I felt a little bit "at home" for awhile.  Go to the Avenue of the Stars for one.  Seeing the huge statue of Bruce Lee there, I really felt the Nobuo Akagi reaction in me.  Well during that time I went there, I was starting to have a decline in my fandom of Tokusatsu for Chinese entertainment.  This is also a shopping district in itself and well, boggle boggle.

Ocean Park would be a good place if you really love aquatics.  Too bad I wasn't there for a show but still, it's an…

Lessons of China and Japan on Moving Forward

While rules do protect freedom and safety but it's also necessary to become less strict.  One might consider how China and Japan actually became better when it opened up.  I remembered how once both countries were home to "cheap, inferior goods" and later China had all the "fake and bootleg" labeling.  However one can learn a few things from these countries.


When it closed its gates during the Tokugawa era, it really started to decline.  When the Meiji era came, Japan became a progressive country.  When Imperial Japan suffered from its ethnocentric pride, much of Japan became a waste.  I mean, you could name the atrocities the Imperial Japanese forces did to its territories like Korea (before it split), China (I asked my relatives there about Japanese cruelty) and the Philippines to name a few.  It left a huge blot on Japan until it was defeated by America.

Only when Japan opened up to the world did it start to create better products.  In fact, if Japan d…

Characters I Think Vanessa Hessler Could Play As

Well here's a few roles I think Vanessa Hessler could play as...

Poison Ivy is one.  I was thinking let her wear a red wig or dye her hair red for the movie, I think Vanessa Hessler will make an excellent Poison Ivy- pretty, seductive and deadly that you would think twice before falling into temptation.  I guess she's got the charm to play the villain.  But if she's "too tall" for the part then maybe she should be Batgirl instead.

Perhaps as Aphrodite.  After seeing her in Asterix, she could become Aphrodite after that.

Just my imagination and wishful thinking!

To Buy or Not to Buy: Tekken Tag Tournament 2!

Well it's time for me to decide on whether or not Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is worth the buy.  I just read some good reviews from Gamespot and IGN.  Here's a few stuff I discovered that weren't in the first game while the same tag system exists:

1.) No more of that dumb arena mode to get the endings.  I found that the most annoying feature in Tekken 6.  Tekken 6 was fun but that feature was an irritation to me.

2.) Unlike Tekken Tag Tournament, you get real FMV endings after you defeat Unknown.  In short, it took out the annoying Scenario Campaign's Arena mode.

3.) Accessible to deep gameplay.  It's masher friendly while you have the Combot Training to get deeper.

Some things I didn't like about Tekken Tag in itself:

1.) Just the tag team system.  It does kinda get annoying (at times) if you lose one character or the other loses a character, the whole round is over.  But that's not such a big issue actually since on the positive side, it does provide a chall…

Vanessa Hessler Picture for March 13, 2014

Well here's another Vanessa Hessler picture I have found.  It really looks gorgeous and as far as I can say, she really looks like a reincarnation of Venus here.  I just love her sweet and simple appearance here.

Some Interesting Places in Beijing at China to Visit!

Last 2007, going there in a tour was quite fun.  Eventually I got into a few interesting places namely:

The Summer Palace was of the Ming Dynasty.  This was pretty much a place to be.  Well we never did ride on the marble boat and sad to say, there were some Chinese swindlers but they were fortunately apprehended by the police guarding the place.  That's been a lot of decent law enforcement in China.  I thought it was a pretty interesting place and it was also near the Ming Tombs which gave me a yawn.

The Great Wall of China was built by thousands of slaves under the rule of Shih Huang Ti.  The whole place was a big marvel, sadly it was built by slaves.  Some say it can be seen from the moon.  What I thought about the whole place upon arriving there was there were interesting souvenirs and of course, it was a spot for climbers.  I may not be the athletic type but I pretty much dared to climb up to the finish line.  Every last spot was a breathtaking thing for my camera.  I didn…

Singapore's Policies Actually Protect Freedom Than Repress It

Having gone to Singapore before fining a lot of stuff above makes it a real fine place.  Some people call the nation as a humans right violator but in reality, their policies actually protect freedom.  Having gone there 16 years ago for a tour with my relatives there, I have noticed how different the place was and how it makes a difference to have strong law enforcement and how it protects freedom.  It does not repress freedom.  Many things that we consider as "freedom" are actually crime at best.
When you think of it, just think of how much freedom you have when there's no smell of pee in the wrong places, not much to worry about bacteria spreads, people who smoke in in appropriate places (plus it's better for the environment), water is conserved, no hoarding birds, flowers can bloom on their own, no gum sticking anywhere, the public CRs are well maintained and think of it, no garbage litter makes the place more free to enjoy its surroundings.  In fact, when people…

Most Hot Sentai/PR Chicks Handpicked By Me Per Decade:

90s era (Fiveman started in 1990, MMPR started in 1993):

Kimberly Hart- Well I really have to say that she really is so hot, I mean I really disagree with people who say Reiko Chiba is prettier than she is (we all have our choices and beauty appreciation is more relative than not).  Her pretty face with that innocent-looking beauty, nice skin, nice curves she was in fact really all that alluring.  Though I wasn't a huge fan of Power Rangers overall but I seldom want to rewatch MMPR season 1-2 to remember those moments.  I would say she's probably the biggest eye candy ever of that decade.  My thought is also probably because I'm more attracted to Western beauty. =P

2000-2010 (Timeranger up to Goseiger for Super Sentai, Lightspeed Rescue up to RPM for Power Rangers)

Mako Shiraishi- If Spike saw her, he'd wish he was never in Power Rangers Samurai and Mr. Brown brought him along in Act 12.  I've seen more girls for the era enter like Yuuri, Nanami, Ranru, Jasmine and…

Why Illegal Chinese Must Be Taken Care Off Quickly from the Philippines as Well!

I might be Chinese by blood, both of Cantonese and Hokkien ancestry but one thing is for sure, anybody who is an illegal settler must be dealt with accordingly in any country and illegal Chinese are not an exception to the rule.  Guilty is guilty and that's the rule that must be followed.  So what's wrong with the illegal Chinese problem?  While Chinese migrants who settle across the world and become law abiding citizens must be respected and treated well, illegal Chinese are an issue that really needs to be taken care of.  They are no laughing matter and might be worse than how Flash Gordon portrays Ming the Merciless or Iron Man portrays Mandarin.  They ruined the image of good Chinese before, they can do it again.

So why deal with them as well?  Like it or not, they would purposely look for a third world country to settle where lawlessness prevails.  After all, their territory will flourish better in a country like the Philippines (or look for other worse places) than in t…