A Few Thoughts on Getting a Relationship with a White Woman

So I want to marry a Western woman... and I guess I need to consider all that could go on.  In my case, I was having my thoughts on migrating to the West.  I'll need to get a job secure and all then of course, thinking of the Western standard.  Some things to keep in mind about cultural differences, maybe even biology.  I had my thoughts on whether or not it might be feasible to marry a white girl.  One could consider a conflict of culture, yet change happens.  It can really happen between an Chinese guy and American girl marriage but some of them work better than some American/American or Chinese/Chinese marriages.  But I'd work on marrying a civilian over a celebrity.  An examination of the West can be necessary of its values.  I was thinking of that what white people are in different areas like culture and values.  But these days, Chinese have started to become more liberal.

But as far as concerned, I have met at least three half-whites namely a Rin Takanashi lookalike, a Pamela Anderson lookalike and an Erina Nakayama lookalike who's only 5'2 and I'm in a rough estimate of being 5'9-5'10.  The Rin Takanashi lookalike is half-Spanish and has mixtures of Filipino and Chinese blood.  The Pamela Anderson lookalike is half-Swiss and half-Chinese who is unusually hot.  The Erina Nakayama lookalike is half-Canadian.  As far as concerned, I want to marry that Pamela Anderson lookalike.

On the other hand, I met some hot white girl (most likely a lot of white).  Hmmm I was thinking of the advantage of the ten year age gap is that I can easily have children with her.  On the other hand, it means different mindsets considering the number of times the Earth revolved!

Looking forward to a married life, I think I can adjust with my more modern views though as said, we all have a certain degree of conservatism and liberalsm, two forces that need to be balanced.  Cultural immersion for me is one of the best thing to happen to mankind.  You could think of how cultural immersion actually works for the betterment of both sides.  After all, you think of the yin and yang, balance of forces can happen which can actually improve the human race.  We can't just rely on one form of tradition, traditions need to change on a case to case basis.

Just a few thoughts...