Some Interesting Tourist Spots at Hong Kong

Stopping first at Hong Kong before going to China, I would say Hong Kong actually feels better than Singapore for a tourist destination or maybe it's because I got reconnected to my Cantonese roots.

Here's a few things to check out if you are going there.

If a Tokusatsu fan goes to Akihabara (which I hope to visit soon) this is my "holy ground" and this place is Tsim Sha Tsui.  Well I haven't visited any of the studios (and I respect their off-limits sign) BUT this is where I felt a little bit "at home" for awhile.  Go to the Avenue of the Stars for one.  Seeing the huge statue of Bruce Lee there, I really felt the Nobuo Akagi reaction in me.  Well during that time I went there, I was starting to have a decline in my fandom of Tokusatsu for Chinese entertainment.  This is also a shopping district in itself and well, boggle boggle.

Ocean Park would be a good place if you really love aquatics.  Too bad I wasn't there for a show but still, it's an interesting place to be.  I didn't go to Disneyland though.  Personally, I think this place beats Singapore's aquatic zone though both are still worth your money.

Jackie Chan's jewelry shop.  Well, I would admit this whole place is another "holy ground" for me.  After all Jackie Chan owns that place.  I did enter there, too bad picture taking wasn't allowed in many areas but I respect that.  After all, it's a protection of company safety.  You might have limited picture taking but still, it amazes me.  I did see the world's biggest amethyst there too.

Ngong Ping Park.  This is the place of the giant Buddha statue which is the biggest in the world measuring 85 feet tall.  Rather than go to Disneyland, I chose to go to this place for solitude for some meditation to release all my bad energy.  I remembered the cable car trip here.  So pretty much, I'll admit I am sort of afraid of heights yet the whole experience was good.  I was 13 years old when I rode a cable car back at Singapore at Sentosa.  Sentosa was a fun place though I like this place as well.  Though I would want to go to Taiwan's Mt. Alisan as well.