Satirical News: Toady Casino Also Proposes Anti-American Bill

If you think Toady Casino is only against Chinese, think again.  This time, he has also proposed the "Anti-American" bill where he has gone beyond Quezon's quote of desire of independence for the Philippines.  The Anti-American bill was written after a KFC Restaurant managed to put way the business of incompetent carenderias aside from the arrival of Filipino-Chinese eateries.

"We have enough of Americanization!  Imperialist bullies!  The Pinoy Pride Empire will shine like the sun.  OFWs will be the instruments to make the Philippines into the ruling capital and only Pinoys will rule the world.  Soon Tagalog will be the universal language!" said Toady Casino.  To support Toady Casino, Bobo Muna members have gathered for the big Anti-American rally like they always do.  After America agreed to help the Philippines beat off China's bullying, Toady Casino said, "Bah we don't need American help!  We have all our bangkas and spears to fight the bullying Chinese!"

Members of Bobo Muna appeared in the rally protesting to end American influence in the Philippines.  To protest in the rally, their usual signboards of "America out of Philippine Soil!" and "Preserve Pinoy Pride!" were raised.  Just hours after the "Anti-Chinese Bill" was passed, Toady Casino passed the "Anti-American" bill which he hopes will save the Philippines from its loss of national identity.

The Anti-American Bill provides the following provisions by Toady Casino:
  • All American-owned establishments such as McDonalds and KFC will be shut down and sent back to the United States.  People who are hungry must eat at the carenderia and pungko pungko to support your fellow Pinoy.
  • No American intervention may enter the Philippines even in the most life and death situations.
  • American products will all be thrown away even if they are of better quality.  Pinoy products will be placed in exchange.
  • Hamburgers, french fries and any American food product will be banned even if they are made of Filipino ingredients because the concept is American.

Miriam Defensor Santiago responded, "My goodness!  Wah!  How gago!  Gago!  This is a matter of life and death.  Toady has not only proposed the Pinoy Pride bill but also the Anti-Chinese bill and now the anti-American bill.  He is trying to become worse than Mao Zedong.  It is pretty stupid to why the Bobo Muna want to turn the Philippines into a closed state.  Well I guess they all didn't study history well either.  After all China became poor when Mao Zedong closed its doors to the world.  Do that in the Philippines and we will be poor too.  Foreign businesses must be allowed to invest but of course, regulated like local businesses."

However at the end of the day, some Bobo Muna members were seen hypocritically eating at KFC, Jollibee, Mang Inasal and McDonalds because they were too hungry because there was hardly a cheap carenderia nearby where they were protesting... Toady Casino was included!


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