Why Pinoy Pridists Hate Miriam Santiago!

Miriam Defensor Santiago is what I'd call probably one of Pinoy pride's worst enemies ever and you can see it whenever she drives a point, angry or not.  What can be seen is that she's a temperamental person yet makes more sense than most politicians like though she went overboard with scolding the prosecution BUT she had to do it because they were very unprepared!  You might say, "Oh she's a big bully." but mind you, she is one of those who are opposed to the current cybercrime law's "libel clause" which proves she isn't like Tito Stupid and proposed for revision.

For the Pinoy pridist, they are the best and maybe I can put Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. there.  I mean, I still think his apology is half-baked when he said he doesn't regret covering his ears during that time and he still thinks he's the "victim" when in reality, he sparked the whole conflict himself.  If you think about it, covering your ears during a lecture is just wrong, dead wrong.  Miriam may have a bad temper but it was a necessary force to punish the prosecution of their idiocy that is a good picture of Pinoy pridist unprofessionalism that might have been a result of procrastination and being late.  For Aguirre to say that it's his "first time" to have a lawyer lectured by a judge, what planet is he living anyway?  He could have said, "It's my first time the judge lectured us this harshly." instead.

But no, Pinoy pridists think they are always right and what makes Miriam better is that she can accept she's wrong, a trait Pinoy pridists will only put on others but not themselves.  And they say Aguirre should not apologize?  WTF!  To the Pinoy pridist they are always right, they are never wrong.  Just think why the Philippine education system is failing.  You have more teachers who think they don't make mistakes just because they are the teacher rather than those who accept and amend their mistakes.  As said, she's still one of the worst nightmares for Pinoy pridists ever!


  1. In other news (http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/353598/news/nation/miriam-cha-cha-should-eliminate-idiots-in-national-govt), while I do agree with her that there must be an educational requirement for anyone who aspires to be a politician and that foreigners cannot own land (like in China), the fact that she is opposed to foreign ownership of businesses just made me go "Oh Miriam, why? "


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