Satirical News: March 30 Holiday Bill Passed by Tongress to Honor The Three Drug Mules Executed in China!

March 30, 2011 was the fateful day when three Pinoy drug mules were executed and they were namely Sally Violationa, Ramon Non-Credo and Elizabeth Bitayin.  March is a controversial month for Pinoys as they celebrated Plor Kontemplasyon Day last 17th of the month which is now passed in Tongress for a national holiday act as well as the three drug mules.  Bobo Muna representatives in the Tongress are declaring that they will do anything to avenge the deaths of the three drug mules that Philippine Vice President, Jejemon Binay has failed to rescue despite his attempts.

Bobo Muna member Rep. Toady Casino said, "We must fight for the liberation of the oppressed Filipinos abroad.  We cannot afford to keep the people abroad from oppressing us!  How many more will become like Plor Kontemplasyon!  Those oppressive Chinese countries will continue their hunt and they will hunt all Pinoys down because they are jealous that we are the number one race!"  After saying those statements, Rep. Toady Casino had a high blood after the Senate decided to eat Dimsum for the day calling Dimsum as accursed food.

Rep. Toady Casino proposed the bill to make March 30 a national holiday in honor of the three executed drug mules which has overshadowed Loko Atienza's proposal to ban Koreanovela from the Philippines and two, to prevent Kamen Rider Gaim from being shown in the country.  Tongress however had fought earlier on whether or not Jose Rizal should be replaced by Flor Contemplacion.  Other Tongress problems even fought for whether or not adobo or lechon should be the national food.  The Tongress has an awful lot of problems and this proposal called the "Violationa, Non-Credo and Bitayin Day" will be honored or not.

Members of Migraine International and Bobo Muna were outside the Tongress rallying not only for the freedom of their arrested members in Singapore but also to make not only Plor Kontemplasyon Day official but also the three drug mules who were executed in China last March 30, 2011.  On the other hand, President Nobita refused to answer questions as he was too busy playing Doraemon on his PSP.


  1. In all seriousness, simply put, this country is just so fucked up to the core. Not only do we don't know our priorities, our interests apparently tend to clash...


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