Making Beauty and the Beast in a Different Twist?

Here's my idea of how to "break" the mold of Beauty and the Beast.  Maybe we just need to start removing the supernatural or science fiction, maybe just focus on reality.  My idea is where the girl isn't your character like Belle inside out- she is Belle personality-wise but an average looking girl who can stand against bullies which despite her lack of attraction, caught her the most unwanted suitor of all- the leading guy.  The "Beast" is handsome on the outside but starts off with a bad character, but he is no Gaston, he doesn't flaunt about his appearance but he fools around with girls (because of something in his past).  When he runs into the Belle of the story, he starts to be attracted to her inner goodness though he teases her several times, he finds himself falling for her inner goodness as the inner beast is killed.  Well this is where things rise- true beauty comes from within.  On the other hand, the "Beast" aware of his true feelings, starts to treat the "Belle" kindly which starts an awkward relationship with her which because even as a jerk, he believes that true beauty is found within.