A Japanese Media Fan's Possible First Impression on Contemporary Chinese Drama Screenshots!

Well otakus and weibos (or whatever) would probably still be liking Japanese media but maybe out of an open mind tries to check out the Chinese craze.

This reminded me of my first impression of the F4 boyband.  Although F4 right now is dispersed due to Vic Chou's new career similar to Qin Han's younger days in Taiwan TV, Jerry Yan more or less now heading there (and he kinda resembles senior actor Qin Han) and well Vanness Wu's just gotten married but I can't deny the impact they made.  At first, I thought they were a Japanese boyband and I bought their CD thinking it was Japanese.  Ha ha, I was very much trolled there because when I listened to it, it was in MANDARIN!  Ha ha!  And of course, I thought Meteor Garden was J-Drama at first until I saw it was in TAIWAN!  Hee hee!  Besides, what's with F4 and them imitating the otaku hair back then?

I guess this picture of Vic Chou and Erika Toda (Vic Chou here is paired WITH Janine Chang, not Erika Toda but I'd like to see him cast as a couple some other time).  Well they might think this is Tokusatsu, they might think so and so is Japanese like I thought F4 was a Japanese boyband.

Well I guess at times, you can confuse Chinese girls for Japanese girls.  Ha ha, I did remember mistaking Rina Akiyama for Isabella Leong (which I saw some Isabella Leong movies prior to seeing Kamen Rider Den-O).  Hee hee.  They might get the first impressions of "Henshin hotties unknown" which can get funny most of the time.