Pinoy Pridists Can't Handle Constructive Criticism Can They?

Criticism is good or bad depending on how you use it.  But one trait of Pinoys is that they can't handle criticism at all.  Criticism is defined as a practice of judging the merits of faults of someone in an intelligent or articulate way hence it is from the word critic.  One may want to remember the incident of Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. who probably thought his 85% board rating and consistent honor students made him exempt from listening to Miriam's lecture when she berated the  prosecution panel because of how lousy they were in handling the cases.  While I do agree with him Miriam needs to lower down her voice and tone down her anger, but what he did was inexcusable.

For one, he could have just raised his hand and said he wanted to go out.  One thing is certain, the prosecutors were all idiots to think they can win with so little evidence and had the high confidence they had, proved just how stupid Pinoy pride is.  In fact, Aguirre's half-hearted apology when he said he doesn't regret covering his ears, well also takes me back to what he said that it's his first time in his practice for a judge to lecture a lawyer.  What the?  If you ask me, a judge has the right to lecture a lawyer and two, the impeachment trial was not a joke.  Miriam's anger against the prosecution was because of their incompetence. Besides just where was he all these years?  Mars?  Or is it because the Pinoy justice system is so lenient he's not used to facing somebody like Miriam?

However we have cases worse than Aguirre to the point they become very uncivilized.  At least Aguirre still issued a half-hearted apology than none at all or two, he was ready to accept punishment and three, he decided to leave after the offense.  But most Pinoy pridists are far worse- they will refuse to apologize, they may even call themselves victims when they get rightly punished and you might consider them having to be dealt with by force because of their stubborn attitude.  Is it any wonder why a lot of Pinoys are out of school youths?  Is it any wonder why a lot of Pinoy authority figures are crooks?  You might want to think about how the Pinoy pride is making people not listen to reason to where they are wrong and that's what is causing the Philippines to dwindle down.

You might want to think about the typical Pinoy pridist can't accept their practices are not good.  The praning culture will just irritate people.  Having no discipline allows the breeding of crimes like squatting, robbery, rape and murder in the future- if you can't discipline them as kids, don't expect them to grow up good as adults.  Pinoy music and entertainment is just bad, really bad and their balimbing attitude only made them support Lea Salonga and Regine Velasquez when they succeeded abroad.  So really what is going on?  In fact, unless Pinoys choose to become enlightened Filipinos, they will continue to make bigger fools out of themselves than Aguirre's minor disrespect incident.