Satirical News: Filipino-Chinese Business Couple Eugene and Felice Lin Opens "Golden Dragon Native Restaurant", Bobo Muna Members Protest Yet Again!

Eugene Lin and his wife Felice (a Filipino-Spanish) had opened a new restaurant in Makati that has become a hit to tourists who want to taste genuine Filipino food.  The restaurant was called "Golden Dragon Native Restaurant" which has begun to serve fabulous foods such as balbacua, crispy pata, dinuguan and sisig to name a few.  In a matter of a months, the carenderias in different areas of Manila failed namely the Kainan ni Plor Kontemplasyon, the Bobo Muna Carenderia and other low quality carenderias were put out of business because of the high quality Filipino food that was served.

Various food critics came to the restaurant to examine it.  It was noted for its unique combination of old and new architecture, its spacious dining halls, punctuality, affordable food at reasonable prices and many more which have satisfied the customers in no time at all.  Even some foreigners began to enjoy good Filipino food.  American blogger known as Alex Fantasy commented that the place stood out from most of the sloppy places and said, "If you want genuine Filipino food, this is the place!"  Miriam Defensor Santiago on her leave went to his place and said, "Wah!  This place is magnificent!  I will definitely be willing to spend more money for a place like this!"

This angered the Pinoy pridists once again.  Bobo Muna leader Toady Casino who said he had no choice but to eat at KFC during the protest because dirty carenderias fell out of business said, "The Chinese population of the Philippines is a threat to Pinoy pride!  How dare they mingle our sacred culture with theirs serving Filipino food!  The Chinese should have been outlawed in the first place because the Philippines is only for Pinoys.  Worse he is married t a Spanish who oppressed us for 300 years!"  Toady Casino currently operates the Bobo Muna eatery which was noted for its dirty environment which a food critic who wished to remain anonymous said as, "Only squatters will eat there!"

Bobo Muna members then decided to protest to make sure that the restaurant will be disbarred despite the fact it pays its taxes properly and is in compliance with law.  However it just so happened that while they were attempting to cause trouble, most of the customers of the day were Chinese kung fu masters who repelled them faster than the Pinoy National Police could do it.


  1. Possible ending: they had to eat pagpag due to not having any Pinoy carinderias around...


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