Some Factors in People I Think Affect the Degrees of Liking Tokusatsu

Tokusatsu fans may have these factors in liking certain seasons...

Cultural reasons.  Power Rangers was created for America out of Super Sentai due to cultural reasons and Toei got that right.  Some Super Sentai/Power Rangers fans may like one better than the other because of culture.  For one, I like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers for cultural reasons.  However this isn't always true.  Some American fans may actually like Super Sentai better but that's a rare find.

Gender.  It can play a contribution in liking of liking certain Tokusatsu, I think gender plays a role in preferences.  Super Sentai may appeal to female audiences because of the females who are actively involved as warriors and two, I can credit the storytelling style (I believe more readers are women than men).  In Kamen Rider during the Showa era, we had Human Tackle but women allies were almost just as uninvolved in the hero's struggles with the male allies.  In Black RX were are introduced to Yoko a teenage girl who can manipulate water and shoot arrows.  In the Heisi era, most women though they are usually not in battle, however help and support the hero in telling them what to do to win, the brains behind the brawn type of heroism.

Age.  There are people born in the 80s, 90s and 2000s.  Some kids today may not like any Tokusatsu whatsoever in the past.  Like you might meet a Power Rangers fan born in the late 90s-2000s who may not have a ready interest with the Zordon arc.  For a 29 year old guy, my spark with Tokusatsu is in a lower heat because I personally think most Sentai today isn't as great as 80s-90s.  Though not all younger fans can be disinterested in older Toku but there might be some room for biases.

The other kinds of shows you watch.  If you are a fan of giant monster movies you might find yourself liking Super Sentai and maybe the Ultraman series.  If you like action drama maybe you'll like the Heisi Rider era more than Showa Rider.

Just my two cents.