Satirical News: Singapore Directly Says "No" to Amnesty Request from Philippine Vice President Jejemon Binay for Pinoy Pridists!

After some negotiation process, Philippine Vice President Jejemon Binay was slammed and humiliated when the Singaporean authorities refused to release the Pinoy pridists that vandalized Singapore yesterday on the death anniversary of Plor Kontemplasyon.  Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, Chief Justice in Singapore denied any amnesty as requested by Jejemon Binay with the approval of Lee Hsien Loong that none of the Pinoy pridists will be given any amnesty.

Chief Justice Chan said, "Why do Pinoys think that they are a special race?  They want to free guilty Pinoys yet punish guilty foreigners.  In Singapore, if our citizen fouls up in another country, we do not plead for amnesty.  There are Singaporean criminals who our state had failed to capture but were thankfully taken care off in other countries.  If our government pleaded for their return, just imagine how many more crimes they will do in our country and if we grant amnesty for guilty foreigners, think of what crimes they will do to their country.  One of the Pinoy pridists kept shouting at us Singaporeans as heartless as the Chinese and are the most cruel race and they Pinoys are pure.  But as said, we Singaporeans punish the one at fault regardless who it is.  We play no favorites here.  When Plor Kontemplasyon was declared guilty, it was a careful investigation yet the Pinoy leftist media distorted the facts in the film which is horrible libel against our government.  Pinoys who are guilty are just as guilty as every guilty person."

A Filipino lawyer who had gone to Singapore a couple of times namely Atty. John Tarong said, "These Pinoy pridists are more incorrigible than the prosecution panel that Miriam Defensor Santiago scolded because of incompetence.  It is much worse than the minor disrespect of Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. covering his ears to get his message across that Miriam needed lower down her voice.  What did they do?  They vandalized the places around to commemorate the death anniversary of their Joan of Arc, Plor Kontemplasyon.  Rolando Morona tried to capture the bus full of Singaporeans hoping to imitate the act at Rizal Park done by Rolando Murderza and Singapore showed how much it can effectively and efficiently handle crime since no one got killed in the incident.  Odiara Kapal Mukha with her peers vandalized the Changgi Prison.  If you are in another country, I beg you my fellow Filipinos to please follow rules or you will become another Plor Kontemplasyon and many more will be victims of their fellow Filipinos like Delia Maga."  Atty. John Tarong is the head of the Tarong Criminology Firm in Metrolitan Cebu and he has ever since become a pioneer of changing the Pinoy mindset thus he is always criticized by Pinoy pridists.

Atty. Tarong went to Singapore not to plead for the guilty Pinoy pridists but to examine the cases of alleged mistreatment of Filipinos.  He had also dwelt upon the abuse of domestic helpers in Singapore and found out that their Singaporean employers were given heavy sentences for doing so and the Filipino domestic helper got justice.  Looking at Plor Kontemplasyon's investigation, Atty. Tarong plans to make a real document of the film with none of the Kontemplasyons involved in it, in order to finally show once and for all the misconceptions presented by the leftist film that became a top hit.

For more updates, the Pinoy pridists are currently being caned with the new caning machine which is capable of caning multiple offenders at once.  Rolando Morona is still under trial on how long he will be sentenced since he didn't murder any of the hostages nor injure them.  He was too easily apprehended.  What is being set right now is that the Pinoy pridists who celebrated Plor Kontemplasyion Day in Singapore will suffer different degrees of imprisonment for the damage done.  As far as concerned, their punishment has been set to one year with a fine of SD 100,000 each for the damage they did plus painful community service.


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