Satirical News: Some Pinoy Pridists Celebrate Bitayin/Non-Credo/Violationa Day in China Only to Get Suppressed by Chinese Army!

If the Plor Kontemplasyon incident was not enough, some Pinoy pridists have been caught guilty and in the act of starting trouble in China just this morning in Xiamen where Non-Credo was executed and in Shenzhen were Bitayin and Violationa were executed.  It was reported that the incident in China was caused by some Pinoy protesters who were caught vandalizing various sites in China under the guise of being tourists writing, "DEATH TO ALL CHINESE" in Tagalog in various places.  However the Chinese police force in the assigned areas arrested them and locked them up in jail.

Another incident in Shenzhen was involved namely Rolbobo Morona who led the Pinoy Pride army and he was a member of Bobo Muna who is the brother of Rolando Morona who is currently detained in Singapore after causing trouble last March 17, 2014.  Rolbobo Morona attempted to take a bus of Chinese hostage to finish what the late Ronaldo Murderza failed to finish.  However as he tried to attack the bus demanding all Pinoys on death row in China be released or he would kill them, a Chinese sniper shot him down dead before he can cause any more trouble.  Rolbobo Morona's body will be sent back to the Philippines by the Chinese government to his loved ones.  On the other hand Pinoy pridists have called Rolbobo Morona a hero.

Chief Justice Zhou Qiang later had an interview where he spoke with an interpreter who can speak both Tagalog and Mandarin saying, "Why do Pinoys think they are so special just because some Filipino succeeds abroad?  It is the success of that Filipino, not theirs.  In fact, when you are in another country, you follow their laws.  We Chinese do not believe in covering up for our people.  Our citizens foul up somewhere outside China, they must pay for the consequences.  There is nothing good about countries that cover up the faults of their citizens.  Should China accept Chinese criminals back, it will destroy our country.  It's no wonder why a lot of Chinese druglords migrated there in the Philippines to increase their territory.  I offer no apology for this statement."

Meanwhile Mexican-American Blob Blabbersky commented on the matter after hearing of the incident saying, "I salute the Filipino people for doing this.  They really care about their countrymen.  I would rather trust the crooks than the cops.  After all, cops kill for no reason and crooks kill for a reason.  Singapore's system is crooked and evil and so is China.  Too many rules... why can't people just pee and poo anywhere?  That's tyranny and I really salute these brave Filipinos who fought for their Pinoy pride."