Satirical News: Atty. Violationo Arrogante Jr. Goes to Singapore to Plead for Rolando Morona and Friends, Only to Get Humiliated!

Infamous lawyer Atty. Violationo Arrogante Jr. who was here and there disrespectful to the committee at the Senate after they politely listened to what he had to say, now made a fool out of himself in Singapore after asking for the appeal of Rolando Morona.  He was the lawyer of Hambog Webb in the past.  He went to Singapore in order to plead for Rolando Morona and his accomplices to set them free.  This was far worse than what he did to feisty Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

While in Singapore, Atty. Arrogante went to plead for the release of Rolando Morona who previously was caught with his gang of Pinoy pridists for causing trouble last March 17, 2014.  However Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong again declined because it was a lawful arrest.  After being lectured and told why the Singaporean government would not do it, Atty. Arrogante covered his ears yet again.  This time Atty. Arrogante said, "Well I beg you to give respect to OPWs who are working abroad to get better living."  After a heated exchange of arguments, Atty. Arrogante then covered his ears and uttered "la la la" to insult the Singaporean judicial body which was deemed utter disrespect.  He was immediately sentenced to three months in jail at the Changgi Prison to teach him a lesson he will never forget where he will only eat sashimi spiked with wasabi for the whole duration.

Chief Justice Chan then said, "Well I saw the worldwide broadcast of the Corona trial.  The Philippines is known for having a lot of bad lawyers, only a few good lawyers are there.  I had to lock him up after he quarreled not only me but what he did is worse than what he did back at the Corona trial.  I know Miriam needed to tone down her voice but his attitude of asking respect for prosecutors who do not deserve it is far too much.  I had to teach Atty. Arrogante a lesson that when you are in another country, you follow the rules.  Singaporeans are taught to do that and if they do foul up in other countries, we do not plead for pardon.  If a Singaporean goes to jail in the Philippines for a crime, so be it!"

What was deemed later was that Chief Justice Chan had a recording of Miriam Defensor Santiago's "shrill voice" lectures.  To punish Atty. Arrogante, they forced him to listen to Senator Miriam Santiago's tirades non-stop for 72 hours at maximum volume with his hands tied so he cannot cup his ears.  The aftermath later resulted to Pinoy pridists rallying for their "new hero" Atty. Arrogante for his freedom outside Changgi Prison only to join him hours later in jail where they too got the same treatment.


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