To Buy or Not to Buy: Tekken Tag Tournament 2!

Well it's time for me to decide on whether or not Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is worth the buy.  I just read some good reviews from Gamespot and IGN.  Here's a few stuff I discovered that weren't in the first game while the same tag system exists:

1.) No more of that dumb arena mode to get the endings.  I found that the most annoying feature in Tekken 6.  Tekken 6 was fun but that feature was an irritation to me.

2.) Unlike Tekken Tag Tournament, you get real FMV endings after you defeat Unknown.  In short, it took out the annoying Scenario Campaign's Arena mode.

3.) Accessible to deep gameplay.  It's masher friendly while you have the Combot Training to get deeper.

Some things I didn't like about Tekken Tag in itself:

1.) Just the tag team system.  It does kinda get annoying (at times) if you lose one character or the other loses a character, the whole round is over.  But that's not such a big issue actually since on the positive side, it does provide a challenge as well.

On the other hand, I have my busy schedules to face so I'll finish them first before I buy the game because I don't want to mess up with real life priorities.  I mean, gaming is something that I consider pretty unimportant for me after all.  I'm no rapid gamer either but I just love to play a good game whenever I can.