Satirical News: Toady Casino Reveals Reasons for Proposing 99/1 Ownership of Foreign Businesses!

As if Toady Casino was not getting any dumber.  After his Pinoy Pride bill, his anti-Chinese bill and anti-American bill were submitted and now the Pinoy Entertainment Protection bill, he has revealed why he wants a 99% ownership for Filipinos and 1% ownership for foreigners to revise the 60/40 policy.  The Philippines' 60/40 policy is said to be too much for the Filipino economy and that, it hinders progress but no, not for Toady Casino.  Toady Casino now reveals his reasons why the Pinoy Pride Bill adheres to a 99/1 policy which even Miriam Defensor Santiago who still favors 60/40 (which is safer but semi-closed) over Toady Casino's latest proposal for a 99/1 ownership between Filipinos and foreigners.

"I can't stand it anymore how Pinoy made businesses are falling down to people who are not of Filipino blood.  It was even a mistake in the first place by the 1935 constitution and earlier to even allow Chinese and Spanish to migrate here!  Even right now a Chinese man with a Spanish wife opened a new restaurant and a lot of the Pinoy businesses fall down out of business.  When you think about it, foreigners are eating Filipino food owned by Chinese by blood people!  Chinese!  That's why I passed the anti-Chinese bill!  And for those Americans who'd rather eat Filipino food prepared by Chinese businessmen f**k them!  They are ungrateful!  That's why I passed the 99/1 policy to which this protectionism will help Pinoys thrive and prosper.  Open up the economy to foreigners and then we will definitely devour our businesses because they will offer something new.  The Philippines is fine the way it is - the praning culture, being late, teenagers getting drunk, whatever... that's why we are a paradise and we don't want it taken from us!" said Toady in an interview to why he wants a 99/1 restriction.

However one Filipino economist named Pedro Matipid said, "The whole and real reason why Bobo Muna wants that kind of policy is now clear.  They want to keep the Philippines impoverished with their own mediocre ways.  It's in fact what I would call an enslavement system and they can have the power to continue their mad oppression.  Mediocre companies, people who don't seek to see their limits, all these create a bad economy for the Philippines.  All these guys at Bobo Muna want to continue in their pride thinking that everything is okay.  After all, they are too greedy and power hungry, they want to continue to control the people with their thinking.  Isn't it a wonder why some criminals love the Philippines?"


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