Satirical News: Pinoy Pridists Celebrate Plor Kontemplasyon Day in Singapore Only to Get Arrested for Vandalism!

Today is known as the death anniversary of Plor Kontemplasyon who was executed last March 17, 1995 and now it's 2014, nearly 20 years.  For the 19 years of the execution of the "Joan of Arc" of Pinoy pride namely Plor Kontemplasyon, some Pinoy pridists went to Singapore.  These were members of the Bobo Muna group who wanted to attack Singapore's government for boycotting bad Filipino products now called as Pinoy products.  It was even funny how the Pinoy pridists arrived to Singapore by a Filipino fisherman's boat which was a mystery how they even arrived.

The morning in Singapore awakened in chaos.  Pinoy pridists appeared carrying spray paint vandalizing walls everywhere with signs saying "Justice for Plor Kontemplasyon" and other related stuff.  At the same time in Manila in Rizal Park, they were all saying, "DEATH TO ALL CHINESE!  CELEBRATE MURDERZA'S HEROISM!" while others played Nora Aunor's Plor Kontemplasyon movie and then singing of "Kahit Konting Awa" followed during the day for OFWs who were rightfully sentenced to death.  The incompetent Pinoy National Police could not do a thing again and made fools out of themselves as the Pinoy pridists threw garbage at the PNP.

The Pinoy pridists in Singapore walked around where they littered garbage everywhere, urinated in public places, used toilets but did not flush them and other stuff that they took pride in aside from the vandalism.  However Singapore's police patrol all caught them in less than an hour with help from the military, systematically and orderly.  Others were caught vandalizing the Changgi Prison to where Plor Kontemplasyion has her "final moments".  One member of Migraine International known as Odiara Kapal Mukha said, "We have to avenge Plor Kontemplasyion's death before any more OPWs will be killed by those oppressive, almond-eyed, melamine hearted Chinese!"  But as she was spraying at the Chianggi Prison, she was then arrested in her hate campaign even before she can cause enough damage.  Singapore has been a nation that has been strict against racist policies.

The judge had released the verdict that the Pinoy pridists who were caught in Singapore will be sentenced to caning like Michael Fay back in the 90s.  However due to the severity of the offense which was worse than Michael Fay's vandalism, they will be sentenced to also clean up their vandalism under the watchful eye of taskmasters and receive a public caning using a caning machine which was invented in Singapore for worst case scenarios.  It was reported that malls, banks, restaurants and other institutions were vandalized with the signs that said, "JUSTICE FOR PLOR KONTEMPLASYON", "DEATH TO ALL CHINESE!", "CHINESE ARE KILLERS" and "CELEBRATE ROLANDO MURDERZA'S HEROISM!" which were done using cans of spray paint.  One member named Rolando Morona tried to take hostage a bus full of Singaporeans to kill them but was easily apprehended by the Singaporean police.  He will be put under investigation before the Singaporean government will decide on his punishment.  Compared to Rolando Murderza, Rolando Morona was unable to kill any hostage due to the fact he was easily apprehended and may be considered for a lighter sentence.

Just today at 11:00 A.M., two Pinoy pridists who were domestic helpers named Jikjik Praning and En-en Aswang had pleaded guilty.  They had admitted that their Bobo Muna mates were hiding in the Indian town of Singapore. They hoped that they would not have to serve sentence but instead, were told they would still serve sentence but only reduced to two caning strikes since the two did not do as much damage as their soon to be named out male fellows.  Later the Singaporean police raided the headquarters and arrested all the Bobo Muna members who were in Singapore who arranged the whole celebration of Plor Kontemplasyon Day.  Filipinos who were assigned by their companies to Singapore for business reasons as office workers also helped in turning in all the Pinoy pridists who caused trouble as well.

Meanwhile President Jejemon Binay plans to go to Singapore to plead amnesty for the Pinoy pridists that were arrested.  On the other hand, President Nobita was last seen playing his PSP ignoring the situation thus sparking the anger of Pinoy pridists.  On the other hand, Pinoy pridists who are in the Philippines want to protest at China's Tiananmen Square for the deaths of Ramon Non-Credo, Elizabeth Bitayin and Sally Violationa for smuggling in drugs.


  1. Wow, gotta love the last paragraph, especially with the one with Pres. Nobita! XD

    Although, for one, I'm guessing that maybe our leaders have no intention to save their asses; it's just that they're doing this all in the name of appeasing their whiny asses...


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