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Satirical News: Cake Boss Fires Some Pinoy Employees For the Right Reasons, Pinoys Erupt and Cries "RACIST!"

Cake Boss who had last time sympathized with Filipinos who are potential victims for what he calls the "onion skinned politicians protection law" has just fired some Pinoy employees, suddenly Pinoys erupt.  The Pinoy pridist groups called Migraine International, Bobo Muna, Akbobo and the New Pinoy Army all started to rally in the Philippines as "Justice for fired Pinoys!"  It was a pretty long day and Cake Boss had to be escorted by a legion of bodyguards.

"I have hired Filipinos in the U.S. because they needed the job but sad to say most of them were Pinoys, not Filipinos. Now only if the Philippines would have gotten rid of that stupid 60/40 policy then I would have opened there.  I had fired some Pinoys who were actually caught stealing money not only from me but also from my fellow directors. Some were also caught smoking and drinking in the office, doing rude gestures.  Pinoys can't follow guidelines.  Pinoys are lowly Filipinos.  True Filipinos hel…

President Nobita Can't Ignore Critics Forever

It does get annoying doesn't it that President Nobita is taking light of matters. From the HK hostage taking done by the late Rolando Murderza or the current situation, all the president does is laugh at most of it. 
No apology for HK? What in the world is President Nobita thinking?! Has he disgraced the vision of a progressive Philippines? Most likely considering that he hasn't repealed the 60/40 policy in the name of protectionism and he has continued to carry on stupid policies that his predecessors have done.
So really the Nobita Administration is near its end and yet no real cultural change. Pinoys still rule the country with their stupidity no doubt.

Applaud For This Teenager Ann Makosinski

Just right in, half-Filipino and half-Canadian teenager Ann Makosinski had invented a flashlight that is solely powered by the heat of the hand.  What do I think of this?  This is a real great achievement on her and her alone, not for Canadians, not for Filipinos but her and her alone.  Nothing wrong with them being proud of her as long as the don't ride on her success.

Now watch this interesting video...

Here she is at the Google Science fair.  I hope her invention will soon be improvised as she has started a new trend.  Of course, this is subject to improvement as well.  But still, congratulations to her!
And for Pinoy pridists, STOP riding on the successes of Filipinos who succeed on their own.  Besides don't they also hate non-Pinoys?  She's half-Canadian, half-Filipino so she's not a pure blood Filipino but so what?  I respect her for who she is regardless of what ethnicity she is!  Besides, when the Pinoy pridists make their own nation, they won't get a sing…

Maybe Communist China Has More Decency Than "Democratic" Philippines Huh?

When China comes to mind, it reminds me of one of history's most cruel figures namely Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward while mercilessly blowing away all who opposed his administration. If another yet notorious figure in China is Deng Xiaopeng in whose administration the otherwise intended to be peaceful rally at Tiananmen ended pretty bloody because the Chinese government ran them over. In fact, one must question the decency between Communist China and "democratic Philippines".

A few years ago back in 2008, the melamine plague hit China and there was a corrupt health minister. When China found out that many of these fake products entered several parts of the world, they demanded a recall of all these bad products in exchange. They had all the corrupt officials involved to be executed. The melamine scandal was taken care off by the Chinese government. Would have the incident happened in the Philippines, don't expect …

Just My Silly Side of My Stand on Power Rangers as a Super Sentai Fan

While I'm mostly a neutral about Power Rangers like a Gai Ikari/Gentaro type fan or sometimes I'm a Sentai/PR Fan and culturally speaking, Power Rangers ain't really my main cup of tea (but I don't hate it).  So far, I'll just state my rather silly side of my stand with Power Rangers.

Well I guess most people know my rather silly crush on Kimberly back as a child.  Which of course while I still liked Sentai more but I had a soft spot for Power Rangers because of her.  When she left, so did my interest on it.  If ever there were some PR girls that got me interested were Tori (but I like Nanami better in Sentai) or Kira but still... Kimberly had too much charm.

Meanwhile it's stupid as it sounds but I'm watching PR Megaforce for Ciara Hanna.  Ha ha, pretty stupid huh?  Yup while I really find PR Megaforce a huge mess but still, I'm watching it for Ciara Hanna.  But Rin Takanashi's still the bigger distraction with her "Kimberly charm".

Revise NOT Repeal the Anti-Cybercrime Law!

The cybercrime can be good if it's got good provisions.  So what are these?  One must realize that crime isn't always preventable and that suing a person must only happen when damage is done.  Rules are made and punishments are only made when rules are broken.  So just my thoughts on Miriam's provisions on the cybercrime law.

So what do I think?

One, nobody must be traced all the time for their activities because it violates security more than it protects it.  In other words, only when a person has been hacking into others privacy or harassing somebody can harsh penalties be met DEPENDING on the damage.  If any harassment can be prevented by a mere block on a social networking site then that's it.

Two, any opinions voiced against the stupidity of the onion-skinned politicians is NOT a cybercrime.  To put a person to prison for insulting you is childish and stupid at best.  The only time a person can be guilty of maligning a politician is when they are accused of doing…

Anti-American Pinoy Pridists and What They Ignore!

I've written something on anti-Chinese Pinoy pridists but now I'll write on anti-American Pinoy pridists.  Well these guys hate America so much but look at how hypocritical they are.  I'm not for colonial mentality but I'm not for the close of free trade either.  The Philippines needs both exports and imports to survive.

So looking at the picture above, they are speaking in English and using American influence such as cardboard and the like to which were introduced by the Americans and adapted by the Philippines as industries.  You might as well consider that even Filipino made clothes may have some imported stuff in them or even if all the raw materials were Philippine-sourced but it was American-influenced.

Also y ou might end up finding some members of the Bobo Muna party still eating at McDonald's which is an AMERICAN FOUNDED company.  They might also be eating chocolate bars (again American influence) and whatever, you cannot deny that the Philippines has a mi…

Who are the New Heroes of the Filipino People?

It's still as stupid as ever as to make the notion that the new heroes of the Philippines are the OFWs who remit dollars.  No, just no they are not always  the new heroes, sometimes they are more like victims of the wrong thinking of society.  If you want to know what can actually help develop jobs is when there are great people that group together.

So here's the new hero Michael Christian Martinez.  Filipinos who succeed abroad WITHOUT government support are real heroes.  They show the Philippines how one can succeed despite the crooked justice of the government.

Another are the honest to goodness entrepreneurs.  You can have the likes of Henry Sy, Leondro Locsin, Tony Tancaktiong of Jollibee, Manuel Pages and his closest friends, Ayala lands, etc. are real heroes.  Why?  They provide jobs and fight unemployment so Filipinos can find jobs and not have to go abroad.

Some of the greatest heroes today are the urban poor who rather than go abroad, seek to work together.  Instead…

President Nobita NOT Entirely to Blame for Current Philippine Administration Problems!

I don't like the administration of President Nobita and how the government is just making a circus out of its events but the blame can also fall on the people WHO had elected him in power and previous others.  So while President Nobita has managed to fix the economy in some way but the problem has to be that, his refusal to apologize to Hong Kong can further damage everything.  Now why's the Philippines having its problem?  We can now look at the people in itself where the problem likes and not just President Nobita.  In due fairness, President Nobita probably has more brains than most of the people.

When you think about it, you can take a look at how dumb people can be... now for a few examples of what has been going on even before President Nobita came to power:

People in the Philippines also lack discipline and two, the Bobo Muna party list are also responsible for problems.  After all, they are a bad influence to the youth and two, with their, "LOWER PRICES, RAISE S…

The Victim Card Mentality of Pinoy Pridists

To Pinoy pridists they say, "We are victims.  People just can't accept that Pinoys are the greatest race so they hate us!"  That's what is going on especially with why the Philippine government is composed of more Pinoys than it does of Filipinos.  In fact, I can't forget the events of March 17, 1995 when Flor Contemplacion was hanged for murder.  So really until now it's very viral that the comments of Pinoy pridists try to defend Flor as a heroine or Filipinos who killed their fellow Filipino abroad.  Which is sad, sad and sad!  They keep playing the victim card as if it's still the Japanese occupation (Imperial Japan is now dead), they still say, "We're oppressed." and yeah whatever!  Sadly the government even wants to make that notion too to keep its people under its favor.

That was what the Flor Contemplacion movie wanted to portray.  They wrote a supposedly democratic country as Singapore as human rights violators, to the point that it…

Satirical News: Cake Boss Reacts to the Cybercrime Law and Calls it the "Onion Skinned Politicians Protection Law"

Cake Boss known for his organization called "Cake Boss Brands" reacts to the Cybercrime "Law" which he calls as the "Onion Skinned Politicians Protection Law" and to why he is afraid of investing in the Philippines.  The Israeli businessman who is Toei's partner, the guy behind Power Rangers with Toei's permission, the guy that made Toei hit the world market now speaks against the Cybercrime Law and renames it as the "Onion Skinned Politicians Protection law".

"Really I cannot believe how onion-skinned Filipino politicians are and so are most Filipinos.  I am sad to say that while I do have good Filipino employees, I have fired a lot of Filipino employees who are now called Pinoy.  May I state the facts that I sympathize with Filipinos who are now victims of the onion skinned politicians protection law which is under the guise of the cybercrime law.  I can go for laws against hacks and spams... but still the cybercrime law doesn…

Vanessa Hessler Picture I Found as of February 25, 2014

Here is another hot photo worth sharing. She is really gorgeous.

Krisis Aquino's Regime in the Philippines: The Downfall of an Evil Legacy!

After the popularity of President Nobita, 2016 finally came and that bitch known as Krisis Aquino ran for President.  Because the Philippines was more populated by Pinoys than Filipinos, the praning culture was popular and that Krisis Aquino was indeed popular as a TV show host, they all foolishly voted her for President.  So what happened next?  Krisis Aquino became a despicable monarch worse than the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. and the Philippines was under her crazy rule!

President Nobita was nothing more than her puppet during the Nobita Administration.  After using him to get rid of her ex-husband James Yup, Krisis Aquino got rid of the moron that was President Nobita too.  Doraemon was dismantled into pieces and President Nobita was incinerated.  In fact, fans of Doraemon all mourned for the loss of their beloved president and regretted voting for the bitch that is Krisis Aquino!  President Nobita was an easy puppet for somebody who was secretly a witch.

So what did Krisis Aqu…

Maybe Chinese Guys Should Marry White Girls Instead of Pinay Women Huh?

Well this is an iffy post but I thought that Chinese guys searching for a wife in other countries might as well marry white women.  In truth, the white people these days are probably more open to other races.  In fact, I just had my thoughts on why I think Chinese men might be better off marrying white women than Pinay women:

Well the efforts of many anti-racists who fought for racial equality has changed white and Asian relationships.  Bruce Lee's mixed marriage and perhaps Wakin Chau's wife is American.  White men and Asian men started to walk together.  Bruce Lee's philosophy of racial equality had changed America.  However we do have a problem that the sickness migrated to the Philippines taking form of the Pinoy pridists.  Well in fact, I kinda have the urge to encourage Chinese and white people to marry each other to form a new race that's neither Caucasian nor Chinese.

For starters, Americans may have a spending culture but as far as concerned, it's hard to…

Can the Philippines Survive with Krisis Aquino in Politics?

The problem of the "Aquinos are the best" mentality isn't helping.  If that's not helping, President Nobita's term is about to expire yet he's probably still overly sensitive about jokes about him.  In fact, he might even go ahead and ban all networking to preserve the "yellow dynasty" but what is worse is his bitch of a sister, Kris Aquino better yet renamed as Krisis Aquino is planning to run for 2016.  This could be the worst crisis the Philippines will have yet.

So what's the real point?  One has to realize how popular Krisis Aquino is to the praning culture of many Pinoys.  Sad to say there are more Pinoys than Filipinos in the Philippines.  Some people skip work out of sympathy for Krisis Aquino and her evil talk show, her evil appearance, etc. and only a few Filipinos are sensible to realize that she is trash, trash and trash!  In fact, she might be the perfect candidate for the Pinoypines provided Pinoy pridists will accept her because…

Pork Tendon and Beef Tendon As an Ingredient in Dishes

Pork tendon and beef tendon as a food is something quite unique.  So far, I have eaten more of pork tendon than beef tendon.  Now I thought that the preparations are really difficult so you better prepare some and store the semi-prepared ones.

Deep frying them in oil is not a walk in the park.  It can burn the skin of any amateur.  From what is done, the process involves a pot full of vegetable or coconut oil, then the tendons are placed inside it.  It must be five percent open to allow air to enter.  The process is pretty noisy, it's a lot noisier than preparing popcorn and it requires uttermost care and attention.

As far as what my late paternal grandmother and late maternal grandmother would do, they would prepare it by the batch.  They fried the whole pack and stored them in an airtight container.  The reason for all that is because, if she wanted to cook some, they can have it anytime.  My mother later followed her mother's methods in preparing for the pork tendon.  The …

Pinoy Pridist School Teachers: What's Wrong with Them?

Well you might see I'm using two classic super robot witches namely Empress Janera (left) of Combattler V and Honerva (right) of Golion who was translated as Hagar in Lion Voltron.  But that's what I'm about to show with the real problem of education in the Philippines.  You have teachers who are witches instead of teachers, tormentors instead of mentors.  So what's wrong with the Pinoy pridist school teachers?  As said, Pinoy pride doesn't help as it is very plain double standard.  Aside from that, I would like to point out how these Pinoy pride school teachers can be very, very evil to the core and why they're not helping the students.
Now to list some of their worst traits ever:

1.) Their "proud to be Pinoy" slogan will teach children to respect bad values of the typical Pinoy.  It doesn't teach them to be Filipino, only Pinoy.  A Filipino is concerned for their country regardless of ethnicity and seeks to improve it but not Pinoys.  In fact,…

Pinoy Pridists and their Double-Standard Lifestyle

Pinoy pridists can blah blah all they want but finding out why Baguio is dying and all that "environmental hype" of pseudo-Planeteers, it's time to see how two faced they are.  You can see it in these examples and sad to say, many of them are also in the government:

The Bobo Muna (and similar groups) and all their "anti-Imperialism" talk.  They tend to have their "anti-Chinese sentiment" and "anti-American" sentiment yet why are they protesting in ENGLISH and using non-Pinoy stuff?  Really I challenge them to protest in Alibata and wearing bahag to prove how "nationalistic" they are.  Heck if they hate those who are Chinese by blood (even their fellow Filipino who are Chinese by blood) why do some of them go to SM and eat at Jollibee? Why do Bayan Muna people use American paper (though it's locally produced but the origin is American) and PRINTING them on imported printers?

Little Miss Late can be late but you can't be lat…

Possible Violent Reactions from Pinoy Pridists for SM To Honor Michael Christian Martinez

So yeah congratulations to this great Filipino not Pinoy athlete Michael Christian Martinez who succeeded despite coming from a nation of morons, hypocrites and NO Pinoy government support.  Now with the reality that SM will honor this young lad, I feel there are violent reactions from Pinoy pridists especially from the anti-Chinese ones.  Yeah Henry Sy is a Filipino-Chinese and he will be awarded at SM as a Filipino hero and NOT a Pinoy hero.  Now for my speculated violent reactions especially from the pseudo-nationalistic group known as the Bobo Muna.

So what will Bobo Muna do?  Hee hee, the Bobo Muna Partylist is bound to do stupid stuff... and they are a bunch of idiots that should be caned hardly.

My speculated wild guesses are that they will start to call Michael Christian Martinez a traitor for not gloating about his being Filipino.  Usually Filipinos who are successful DO NOT gloat that they succeed because they are Filipino.  I mean, you can take a look at Leondro Locsin or …

Pinoy Pridists Better Beware NOT To Provoke China!

When thinking that the Chinese government is trying to claim Spratlys for themselves (without any real claim as Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese, etc. might have entered in and out of it), but Pinoy pridists better be careful about provoking China.  In fact, here's an article from Antipinoy that really makes sense.  In fact, the Chinese army these days can be very aggressive and I would think twice before attacking them directly!  And for the commentator there?  Hmmm if a Chinese guy who can speak both Tagalog and Chinese enters there, it should be a real start of a war if you ask me.

With how the Bayan Muna is facing the Communist army of China, really don't expect anything good from it.  Deng Xiaopeng really launched a massive attack at the Tiananmen Square.  I was even thinking I really dare these Pinoy pridists to FIGHT China themselves WITHOUT anything that's not Filipino!  And of course, I was thinking Philippines won't stand a chance against China either.  Really I…

President Nobita's Administration of the Philippines

Ever heard of the statement that Filipinos can be blamed for having bad politicians in office?  Truth is, change the officials as many times but if they're not good, they are not good.  It's just like replacing one defective product with another and that is the case of President Nobita. Why did Filipinos vote for him?  Simple- it was because his late dad was in the 100 peso bill.  But during the coup against his late mother, where was he?  AT THE DISCO!  You can't deny how stupid President Nobita is!  In fact lots of taxpayers' money wasted only in getting rid of his political enemies.

Who can remember the Hostage Crisis led by the late Rolando Mendoza a Pinoy pridist "hero"?  It was simple, the hostage situation of Hong Kong tourists had caused much trouble.  While Erap had already apologized, but guess what President Nobita says he'll never apologize for it thus straining Philippines/Hong Kong affairs.  Also, if President Nobita is so concerned about …

Not Even Miriam Defensor Santiago is That Overly Sensitive!

Well Miriam Defensor Santiago who is known for her bad temper, however is probably more reasonable than those who passed the "cybercrime law" or better yet known as the "balat sibuyas law".  I know she went overboard during the Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. incident when she was name calling the prosecution, but maybe even the latter would be forced to team up with her against the Cybercrime Law.  Now for someone who is pretty irritable, however she is ready to accept she's wrong like what she said about China.  In fact, one might consider the fact that she is an enemy of Pinoy pridists everywhere.  Why is that?  Her lectures are very stinging to the reality that the Philippines is a cesspool of STUPIDITY.  So much for claiming that the Filipino race are the greatest because there are Pinoys among them.  In fact Pinoys are much worse than that one time incident Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. did which only deserved admonition.

Sad to say but Filipinos who watched Doraemon are…

Looking at the Praning Culture of Pinoy Pride

The Pinoy pridist apparently takes pride in their bad traits do they?  I would like to address the "praning" culture.  Praning is a Filipino word meant to describe somebody who is overacting, oversensitive, you name it!  It can also describe the person as crazy and annoying.  You could think about the praning culture of Pinoy pridists.  So here's a few of that I can name...

The praning culture is really taking over Philippine TV.  You can observe a lot of ka-praningan in the TV dramas and shows.  This of course really is observable.  In fact, that picture above is a good example of the praning culture of Pinoys.  So why would they want to ban foreign TV drama?  My wild mass guess about this is to protect the praning culture of Pinoys!

You can observe how the praning culture is widespread even to areas who can't watch those annoying celebrities on TV.  In fact, it's a pretty "cutural" thing for Pinoys for their love of being praning.  You have them not b…

Pinoy Pridist Parents and Unrealistic Goals for Children

For Pinoy pridists, I do think they set pretty unrealistic goal for their children aside from their neglect.  I mean looking at the family of guilty OFWs a lot of them follow some of the worst settings ever.  We can have the mother is working because the father is lazy.  The other is both parents are working for extra income because they are so spendthrift leaving the child alone to a total stranger who could do more harm than good.  Now to really see the next part is having unrealistic goals all because they refuse to throw away Mr. Lazy and Little Miss Late from their thinking.

One could actually think of what they set for their children.  For example, they make the children do work with passion, work without desire, ambition without sense.  This is happening.  So we have courses in demand abroad for example are nursing, engineering and architecture to name a few.  What's worse is that just because a certain Filipino doctor excelled outside, they think they can always succeed w…

Asking Amnesty for Guilty OFWs is NOT Legal Protection

Well it's a countdown for Flor Contemplacion's death anniversary which she was rightfully executed last March 17, 1995 to whom Migrante Internationale is taking as its inspiration.  Now I'd like to state the fact that what the Migrante Internationale is asking for guilty OFWs is NOT even legal protection!  Why is that?

Please do consider the fact that most of the OFWs that were usually executed by legal means were the guilty ones while innocent ones continue their stay.  OFWs that didn't break the law in their working area usually get fair treatment.  Reading the cases about the three infamous drug mules Sally Ordinario, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain they were confirmed guilty.  Communist or not, China is serious with its war on drugs even executing its local citizens involved in the industry.  Legal protection?  It's more like doing justice to protect the legal system of China from drug mules regardless where they come from!  I won't be surprised if these …