Pinoy Pridist School Teachers: What's Wrong with Them?

Well you might see I'm using two classic super robot witches namely Empress Janera (left) of Combattler V and Honerva (right) of Golion who was translated as Hagar in Lion Voltron.  But that's what I'm about to show with the real problem of education in the Philippines.  You have teachers who are witches instead of teachers, tormentors instead of mentors.  So what's wrong with the Pinoy pridist school teachers?  As said, Pinoy pride doesn't help as it is very plain double standard.  Aside from that, I would like to point out how these Pinoy pride school teachers can be very, very evil to the core and why they're not helping the students.
Now to list some of their worst traits ever:

1.) Their "proud to be Pinoy" slogan will teach children to respect bad values of the typical Pinoy.  It doesn't teach them to be Filipino, only Pinoy.  A Filipino is concerned for their country regardless of ethnicity and seeks to improve it but not Pinoys.  In fact, teachers are supposedly good role models but they go against their jobs and seek to abuse their power like as if they're the queen or something.  In fact, they might say that the OFWs are heroes for the nation when not all of them are.

2.) You might consider their teaching style is based on fear and intimidation.  Subjects like math and science are not easy.  Of course, it's not good to spoon feed your students but it's not okay to make it too hard either.  I mean, math and science have steps to take and you NEVER skip one step.  You don't teach algebra if you don't teach the basics.  These pinoy pridist teachers are most likely to insult their students for not being good at their subjects, just like how foul-mouthed the Bobo Muna members are.  In fact, some of them could be members of Bobo Muna.

3.) Use of deception to further their purposes.  Some of them fail students on purpose unless they get bribes.  Some of them fail students out of vendetta rather than because the students deserve to fail.  In short, very corrupt like the Pinoy officials that run the government.

4.) Worse, to use physical harm.  One science teacher I knew slapped the student for not knowing the answer.  What was worse was that she was a two-faced hypocrite who could make herself look "gentle" but she was a real angry viper.

Well again, proud of Pinoy education?  Don't be!