The Victim Card Mentality of Pinoy Pridists

To Pinoy pridists they say, "We are victims.  People just can't accept that Pinoys are the greatest race so they hate us!"  That's what is going on especially with why the Philippine government is composed of more Pinoys than it does of Filipinos.  In fact, I can't forget the events of March 17, 1995 when Flor Contemplacion was hanged for murder.  So really until now it's very viral that the comments of Pinoy pridists try to defend Flor as a heroine or Filipinos who killed their fellow Filipino abroad.  Which is sad, sad and sad!  They keep playing the victim card as if it's still the Japanese occupation (Imperial Japan is now dead), they still say, "We're oppressed." and yeah whatever!  Sadly the government even wants to make that notion too to keep its people under its favor.

That was what the Flor Contemplacion movie wanted to portray.  They wrote a supposedly democratic country as Singapore as human rights violators, to the point that it inspired the Migrante Internationale group to be founded as an aftermath.  So they say that guilty OFWs are innocent, they're innocent.  Blah!  Really, the film is a series of fabrications because HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THEY KNOW WHAT WENT ON IN THE CELL?  In fact, for all you know the twin sons namely Joel and Jun-Jun (who starred in the film) and maybe Russel herself may have taken part in writing the story.  And what is sad to say is that the truth is, Flor's three sons were jailed for drug pushing because of their "easy money" mentality.  Not all OFWs work abroad to get their children out of poverty, it's more of to support their want for easy money and expensive taste.  Listen, what makes a person rich is NOT the expensive stuff but rather the amount of money they own!

Arrogant Filipino squatters
We can also think about the squatters and their victim mentality.  Who are they kidding?  They are sucking the lifeblood even of their FELLOW POOR.  Some laborers work hard to earn money, save their just wages to buy a house and lot.  Their families are happy to have their needs met but one day these quatters steal their electricity and pollute their hard-earned lots.  Who's the real victim here huh?

In fact the just execution of the three Filipino ahem Pinoy drug mules in China was very just, just as just as every guilty Chinese gets punished wherever they are.  This proves double standard.  The Pinoy pridists say, "Punish all guilty foreigners, justice for Filipinos." but are quick to say, "Save OFWs on death row!"  Really they salute Rolando Mendoza who did something unjust by hostage taking?  Really all I can say is returning the drug mules in the Philippines will ruin the country.  They should realize that executing those guilty OFWs will clean the Philippines from bad influence.

And now Lito Atienza seeks to ban foreign drama to promote more crap like the stupid person above?  Really what's going on?  Besides many Pinoy dramas want to always portray the poor as oppressed and the rich as evil.  Now why don't they GET OUT of the city and live in the mountains or find some island to make their own nation?  In fact, it's very common for Pinoys to even ride on the successes of Filipinos abroad as if they succeeded themselves as well.  I guess Lito Atienza wants to block the reality of what Pinoys need to see that not all Filipinos will succeed.

Really get real Pinoys!