Who are the New Heroes of the Filipino People?

It's still as stupid as ever as to make the notion that the new heroes of the Philippines are the OFWs who remit dollars.  No, just no they are not always  the new heroes, sometimes they are more like victims of the wrong thinking of society.  If you want to know what can actually help develop jobs is when there are great people that group together.

So here's the new hero Michael Christian Martinez.  Filipinos who succeed abroad WITHOUT government support are real heroes.  They show the Philippines how one can succeed despite the crooked justice of the government.

Another are the honest to goodness entrepreneurs.  You can have the likes of Henry Sy, Leondro Locsin, Tony Tancaktiong of Jollibee, Manuel Pages and his closest friends, Ayala lands, etc. are real heroes.  Why?  They provide jobs and fight unemployment so Filipinos can find jobs and not have to go abroad.

Some of the greatest heroes today are the urban poor who rather than go abroad, seek to work together.  Instead of sticking to the spendthrift values of OFW poor families of working for higher pay to spend more on what's not important, they band together to make a difference.  They save money to register their business, they try to open a small decent business.  Someday with hard work they will become bigger businesses.  Or if they don't last long, their children finish College and may soon find better jobs for big shots like Henry Sy and Tan Caktiong or even make their businesses flourish.

Another are the working students.  They don't want their parents to work abroad so they find decent jobs themselves like sales personnel in malls or being crew members at Jollibee.  In fact, these people manage to keep the Filipino family together.  They save the money for important stuff and then they land on high paying jobs in the Philippines.

In fact, they mold society by not running away but rather showing a cultural revolution.

Sad to say, they are frequently antagonized by the Pinoy pridists.  So Pinoy pridists I suggest you all move out and form your own nation if you think you're the greatest people in the world!


  1. Okay, but while you did enumerate some Fil-Chinese businessmen, I still have an issue with them, especially Henry Sy, because of the contractualization scheme of SM.


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