President Nobita NOT Entirely to Blame for Current Philippine Administration Problems!

I don't like the administration of President Nobita and how the government is just making a circus out of its events but the blame can also fall on the people WHO had elected him in power and previous others.  So while President Nobita has managed to fix the economy in some way but the problem has to be that, his refusal to apologize to Hong Kong can further damage everything.  Now why's the Philippines having its problem?  We can now look at the people in itself where the problem likes and not just President Nobita.  In due fairness, President Nobita probably has more brains than most of the people.

When you think about it, you can take a look at how dumb people can be... now for a few examples of what has been going on even before President Nobita came to power:

People in the Philippines also lack discipline and two, the Bobo Muna party list are also responsible for problems.  After all, they are a bad influence to the youth and two, with their, "LOWER PRICES, RAISE SALARIES" policy, where in the world is their economics?  Simple, none.  They don't really attend classes and many of them are out-of-school youths.  Because of their laziness, you can see how many politicians don't even have a bachelor's degree.

One can take a look also at the kind of people that make up a lot of the Philippines.  We have a lot of Pinoy families who are lazy, non-punctual and irresponsible to the point they will let the government look for their jobs.  You have OFWs of different forms, usually domestic helpers, flight attendants, etc.  You can think about just how irresponsible persons are who cheat, steal and do whatever to gain easy money.  Isn't that the culture that goes into the political arena?  In fact, these are also the people who can easily be vote bought or won over by public opinion which is why one president after the other is plain stupid.  It's cultural baby!

As said, President Nobita is not entirely to blame for the situation.  Because of what the families teach their children, don't expect them to be competent authorities.  On the other hand, the Philippines needs a CULTURAL REVOLUTION!


  1. This is why I think it is sometimes good to be a Darwinist...


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