Applaud For This Teenager Ann Makosinski

Just right in, half-Filipino and half-Canadian teenager Ann Makosinski had invented a flashlight that is solely powered by the heat of the hand.  What do I think of this?  This is a real great achievement on her and her alone, not for Canadians, not for Filipinos but her and her alone.  Nothing wrong with them being proud of her as long as the don't ride on her success.

Now watch this interesting video...

Here she is at the Google Science fair.  I hope her invention will soon be improvised as she has started a new trend.  Of course, this is subject to improvement as well.  But still, congratulations to her!

And for Pinoy pridists, STOP riding on the successes of Filipinos who succeed on their own.  Besides don't they also hate non-Pinoys?  She's half-Canadian, half-Filipino so she's not a pure blood Filipino but so what?  I respect her for who she is regardless of what ethnicity she is!  Besides, when the Pinoy pridists make their own nation, they won't get a single unit from her!