Can the Philippines Survive with Krisis Aquino in Politics?

The problem of the "Aquinos are the best" mentality isn't helping.  If that's not helping, President Nobita's term is about to expire yet he's probably still overly sensitive about jokes about him.  In fact, he might even go ahead and ban all networking to preserve the "yellow dynasty" but what is worse is his bitch of a sister, Kris Aquino better yet renamed as Krisis Aquino is planning to run for 2016.  This could be the worst crisis the Philippines will have yet.

So what's the real point?  One has to realize how popular Krisis Aquino is to the praning culture of many Pinoys.  Sad to say there are more Pinoys than Filipinos in the Philippines.  Some people skip work out of sympathy for Krisis Aquino and her evil talk show, her evil appearance, etc. and only a few Filipinos are sensible to realize that she is trash, trash and trash!  In fact, she might be the perfect candidate for the Pinoypines provided Pinoy pridists will accept her because she has Chinese blood in her systems.  She descended from the Cojuangco clan which was originally Chinese by blood.  Regardless, you can't deny from her appearance that she could be a mistress of manipulation behind the scenes.  She might have even manipulated her older brother President Nobita into signing the cybercrime law or better yet known as the "corrupt politician protection law" or "onion skin protection law".  Pinoys will be the cause of doom when she becomes a figure in power.

So what's going to be the real issue?  I'm using Empress Janera from Combattler V as her image here to express the possibility of a real dictatorship under her evil rule.  This of course is the reality that Pinoys must face is that voting for Krisis Aquino means ruining the democracy and freedom her father fought for.  In fact, if President Nobita's an idiot, she is most likely a scheming, cunning witch bitch who will probably start to turn the Philippines into her own brand of governance.  She can't even handle her family issues well how can she handle the country?  In fact, she's just as bad if not worse than legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

So what's her ruling style?  Krisis Aquino I believe will start to actually focus on matters of her country and then she will start her own brand of tyranny.  So okay she can start as vice president but she will manipulate events, maybe make herself the president and then declare martial law with her Senate who are her fans on TV.  Then she will start to ban foreign telenovelas, push through the removal of Filipino's rights to bring copyrighted work from abroad and make it her own self-serving government in the name of "protectionism" which is NOT protecting the economy at all!  In fact, she will then make a law that will declare all crap TV media to be brought abroad and that any foreigner who comes into the Philippine soil must buy Philippine media or else.  She will punish guilty foreigners but plead for the release of guilty Filipinos, even if it means ordering a bus full of tourists from that certain country will be held hostage.  Really what a self-serving bitch! This is all speculation but knowing how Nobita's dynasty is doing, Krisis Aquino will really damage the country further!

All the actions I just mentioned will ruin the Philippines in the long run.  It will destroy free trade, ruin the Philippines further and not grant it improvement.  Really Filipinos should voice up against the evil that is Krisis Aquino.