Satirical News: Cake Boss Reacts to the Cybercrime Law and Calls it the "Onion Skinned Politicians Protection Law"

Cake Boss known for his organization called "Cake Boss Brands" reacts to the Cybercrime "Law" which he calls as the "Onion Skinned Politicians Protection Law" and to why he is afraid of investing in the Philippines.  The Israeli businessman who is Toei's partner, the guy behind Power Rangers with Toei's permission, the guy that made Toei hit the world market now speaks against the Cybercrime Law and renames it as the "Onion Skinned Politicians Protection law".

"Really I cannot believe how onion-skinned Filipino politicians are and so are most Filipinos.  I am sad to say that while I do have good Filipino employees, I have fired a lot of Filipino employees who are now called Pinoy.  May I state the facts that I sympathize with Filipinos who are now victims of the onion skinned politicians protection law which is under the guise of the cybercrime law.  I can go for laws against hacks and spams... but still the cybercrime law doesn't even deserve its name.  It's sad really how the Philippines has gone that far." said Cake Boss in an interview yesterday.

He had stated that the Philippines has been known for its protectionism policy and he states, "That 60/40 law is stupid.  I mean, take a look at my country of America allows 100% ownership which has boosted employment and how Japan has allowed me to have 100% shares there, in fact even if most Japanese don't really care about Power Rangers, at least Japanese people there help me with other stuff.  It's a shame really how the Bobo Muna or Stupid First group always tries to undermine progress, heck why are their own members in the political arena?  A lot of people in the Philippines still elect for officials who should have been hanged.  And now this is the result, the onion skinned politicians protection law.  If the Philippines makes the same mistake as Imperial Japan and Mao Zedong's regime, it will suffer an economic turmoil like those two eras did.  If Toei didn't allow me to use Super Sentai footage and remaking it into Power Rangers with their permission, I don't think they would get rich.  I mean after all I like Sentai but too bad most Americans can't click with it."

Cake Boss sympathizes with the enlightened Filipinos as Pinoy pridists continue to rule their government.  He stated, "If those Pinoy pridists think they are so great, I suggest that they should find some uncharted island and make their own nation there.  That should save the Philippines from them!"


  1. Hey, at least the Greeeds will never run out of people to create Yummies from here in the Philippines... :P

    1. And it will be a lot. Eiji will need to battle a lot of them when he comes for a visit.

  2. This is mainly about the Philippine politicians and the oligarchy wanting to keep the small number of Filipinos who know the truth from spreading this information via social media. The Internet has been exposing the misconducts many in power are committing, and this is a bit of a threat to them.


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