Pinoy Pridists and their Double-Standard Lifestyle

Pinoy pridists can blah blah all they want but finding out why Baguio is dying and all that "environmental hype" of pseudo-Planeteers, it's time to see how two faced they are.  You can see it in these examples and sad to say, many of them are also in the government:

The Bobo Muna (and similar groups) and all their "anti-Imperialism" talk.  They tend to have their "anti-Chinese sentiment" and "anti-American" sentiment yet why are they protesting in ENGLISH and using non-Pinoy stuff?  Really I challenge them to protest in Alibata and wearing bahag to prove how "nationalistic" they are.  Heck if they hate those who are Chinese by blood (even their fellow Filipino who are Chinese by blood) why do some of them go to SM and eat at Jollibee? Why do Bayan Muna people use American paper (though it's locally produced but the origin is American) and PRINTING them on imported printers?

Little Miss Late can be late but you can't be late.  That's the problem of Filipino time.  They demand you show up early but they show up late.  Some authorities tell their subordinates to show up at 9:00 but the former shows up at 10:00.  WTF stupid!

Arrogant Filipino squatters
The pseudo-Planeteers are going mad about SM being opened at Baguio but they don't admit it that squatters are just as bad for the environment as excessive logging and excessive mining.  It's just a few trees, they panic but when the trees are cut down to make houses for squatters, they rejoice.

They demand guilty foreigners in the Philippines to be punished but they demand amnesty for guilty Filipinos abroad?  Really, where's the give and take there Migrante Internationale?  In fact, what they also ignore is that Singapore doesn't plead for pardon for its guilty citizens.  Singaporeans who break the law abroad are left alone by their government.  Singapore's government gave the Philippines a chance to autopsy Delia Maga's body and yet the leftists made up a lie.  Everyone who is guilty is guilty.

They demand that you work but they do nothing.  This is the real problem of Flor's family that she left behind after her death.  I felt bad for them even if their mom was really guilty, I mean I won't feel good if my own relative gets hanged for murder but I won't side with that person either.  I would say that the real issue is to why they demand your money and they don't find their own?  They call you lazy but they're the ones who are lazy.  Really WTF?

As for the latest proposal by Tongressman Atienza, why does he want to ban foreign dramas?  Simple- in the name of PROTECTIONISM!  But the reality is, a lot of "Pinoy talents" want to be recognized abroad yet they don't want to recognize foreign talent?  They want to ban Filipinos from bringing copyrighted books, CDs and DVDs abroad but foreigners should buy their stuff? They want to ban foreign dramas and yet they want to export their PHILIPPINE CRAP for foreigners to watch?  WHERE IS THE GIVE AND TAKE PEOPLE?!  In fact, most Pinoy TV is so crap foreigners won't watch it not because it's Filipino but because it's dirty trash.

Really, get real Pinoy pridists and if you can't get real, why not make your own nation in some uncharted island?


  1. "Becoz wi penoys ar da bes reys in da woorld! Poreners hab nating agints penoy kolchur! En gad labs da pelepeno pepol! Mabohey ang pelepenas!" XD


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